Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Theme

This week at school, (only 3 days) we had a summer theme.

For this, we made watermelon people. (The original idea was found on Pinterest) The children painted the outside of the plate green, to save some time, we just used red construction paper. We had the children place the sticker eyes, and where they placed the eyes, we placed the smiling mouth. The hands and legs are made from folding construction paper.

Then we made ants at a picnic. We let the children choose the fruit they liked best at the picnic. For the younger children in our class we showed them the pictures and they were able to choose the one they liked. The poem I wrote, and font used for the poem is a picnic one.

Lastly, we made a one foot high ice cream. Once said and done, I realized our CONE was only one foot high, the ice cream itself was taller! :) The children chose whether they wanted pink cotton candy ice cream or blue cotton candy ice cream! Lots of giggling while tracing their footprints! We saw on Pinterest that you could paint the foot, but, we had a total of 15 kiddos today, and only a short time to squeeze in a craft and get outside before it got too hot. We decided to just trace the foot and cut from brown construction paper.

We are off school next week, our Church is holding Vacation Bible School. School classes will resume the following week, with only two weeks (6 days) left for summer classes. Then we start preparing for Fall classes!!

May peace find and keep you!
God Bless,
Sherry :)

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