Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Classes Begin

Since the last post, we have experienced being out of our school year and back in our Summer Classes!!
Now our Summer Classes are in session only three days a week! We are at school on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

I have been busy making more felt board stories, in which my kiddos at school absolutely LOVE! It's very calming to me to make these. At the end of May, my husband, burned his foot making a pot of tea! Didn't even realize it was even possible. Since, I found, ANYTIME, you are around fire, boiling water, or the stove, even doing the simplest of tasks, you can get hurt! Do not take anything for granite and ALWAYS know SOMETHING could happen. We have had to experience many trips to the JMS Burn Center located in Augusta, GA! They have been WONDERFUL! They really know their stuff! What I have seen is soo many children with accidental burns. One can't help to wonder if some could have been prevented. NOT that I am judging, Just remember what we've been taught about turning pot handles away from the edge of the stove, teach your children not to play in the kitchen, but to respect the importance of being careful. It only takes a SPLIT SECOND for such accidents to happen. Be careful out there!! Not just the kitchen, one lady was in there, because she tripped and landed in the fire pit. Another person was there from chemical burns with his job. Children galore there, with burns to their arms and legs. Treatments are PAINFUL! Surgeries, Cadaver Skins, Skin Grafts.. this is between the times when bandages have to be changed and all a part of the healing process. Just be careful out there!!

Back to school!!

School ended in May. School began again in June! We started back the first week of June. We are now finishing up our third week. We had a Bug Week, Father's Day Week, and just finished up a Zoo Week. Next week, we will have our fourth of July Week. We will be off work during the fourth of July!

For Bug Week we made a Grasshopper, a butterfly and a lady bug. The first day, we kept things pretty simple, by painting a grasshopper. The second day, we made the butterfly that has been all over Pinterest by cutting a paper plate in half, turning for the wings, using bingo dabbers or dot markers, we made colorful spots on the wings. We made ladybug headbands for our last day!

For Father's Day week, we made several different items. Peanuts were purchased at the Dollar Tree. (Five packs cam in a package) Questions were all answered by the kiddos. I made this little questionnaire, for the ones I found online were a little too difficult for our class.  We had parents bring in one of Dad's shoes or a tracing of one. We had the children paint those and then we stamped their foot and place it in the middle of Dad's shoe. We chose this poem for something different than the "Walk a Little Slower" Poem. We also included a hand print in the mix. This too, had it's own special poem. Father's Day just isn't complete unless you made a tie!! We included this poem with the tie. :)

This week, we made our zoo animals. The giraffe. (Spots can be made on the giraffes using fingerprints as well.) The zebra was cut from construction paper and the stripes were made by using a golf ball. Elephants were made with a paper plate and shoe prints. The poem used on the elephant is an original by me! I love when our crafts have their own personalities!! The eyes placed by the kiddos definitely do that!! :)

Next week is our July fourth week! Can't wait to show you what we do for that one! (as soon as I figure it out!)
We will have three weeks of school left and we will have our vacation until school starts back after Labor Day!!  Be Blessed and count each of your Blessings, even the tiny ones!!

Sherry :)

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