Thursday, June 5, 2014

April, Mother's Day & Spanish Folders

It looks like I have gotten behind once more! Where is my time going??  I wish I knew! Wow! It's been since March since I've blogged!!

April .. Easter and Earth Day! (Our Spring Break is also in April, so one week can be excused!! :)

Easter, we started in March.. then went on Spring Break.. then came back for another week (excluding Friday) for more Easter Crafts!

For Easter, we made a shoeprint bunny (with a song), we Easter Egg Painted an Egg shape with pastel colors, (similar to marble painting, only with a plastic egg weighed down with some coins) a handprint long legged chick, we painted a Jesus Loves Me Coloring Sheet, we made styrofoam cup Easter Baskets (you have to use acrylic paint for the paint to stick to styrofoam). We dyed our own egg to fill the Cup Easter Basket, and we colored our own Christian Easter Basket. For our Easter Egg Hunt I made the little Easter Basket Cookies from Pinterest.. Mine didn't turn out as well as the picture!! :) As a Parent Gift, I (yours truly) dressed up as Easter Bunny and took a picture with each child. Then in turn the kiddos decorated a craft foam shaped egg with foam stickers. 

Easter was a fun time and enjoyed by all!! :)  

After Easter Break, we headed right in to Earth Day! 

We made Earth Day Handprint Hearts, Earth Day Necklaces made from Straws, We took pictures of everyone wearing a Lorax Mustache, and asked everyone what they would save in the world! We also made Litter Bugs from plastic bottles, (but someone we know forgot to take a picture of the litter bugs, so I included an older picture from last year. There wasn't much change in how these are made!) The litter bugs are to remind us not to throw trash or any other litter on the ground! 

After Earth Day, and throughout the middle of May, we worked on Mother's Day surprises, a Chapel Program with out kiddos, we finished up the "All About Me" Books and we finished up with the last few pages of our Spanish Folders!! We also made sure everyone had a school bus with the director of our program, Melissa, our kiddo, and I. (We had each kiddo to make a scared or funny face and placed them in the middle of the bus. This was just too cute!!)

Mother's Day: We made our very own "Pandora" Charms! Yep, you guessed it, Salt Dough Charms! These were a huge hit and our mommies loved them. It was awesome to see some Moms that made a necklace with their special little homemade charm!

 This is the poem that was used to attach the charm to: The poem was written by me! :)

Other Mother's Day Crafts included (each child in our class made all of the crafts, and we had one child that ONLY came ONE DAY a week!!

We had an awesome Mother's Day, we certainly hope you did too!

These are the pages in our Spanish Folder. We learn simple Spanish Words and how to count to ten in Spanish. (In English, we count to 20) We also learn our colors in Spanish! :)  That ONE picture, just won't turn for the life of me, sorry it's side ways! :)

Next I'd like to show you the awesomeness of the school bus! It's a neat little way to introduce teachers, and an administrator, and have a little fun too!!

I hope someone is able to enjoy the pictures and words on my blog..
God Bless You All!!

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