Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Month of March

For the entire month of March, I will post this blog, obviously weekly is no longer working, so maybe I can do monthly posts!

Our second Dr. Seuss Week...

We made footprints for the  "Foot Book". We made Hot Air Balloons for "Oh the Places You Will Go". Of course, you can't have a Dr. Seuss theme without making the famous Green Eggs and Ham and cat in the hat, hat. :) The very last picture in this set of pictures is the "take home" craft for the Green Eggs and Ham. This year, only ONE child ate the green eggs, several just ate the ham! To dye the egg whites, I put in water, food coloring, and I had to add about a 1/2 teaspoon vinegar. Surprisingly, it didn't not change the taste to the egg at all.

The second week of the month, for the first half of the week, we tackled weather. I forgot to take a picture of our bingo dabbed umbrella. I will have to start with the sunshine. Since rain and sun make rainbows, this was the kick off to our St. Patrick's Day Theme, which started on Wednesday and ended the following Monday. Each child in the class made the shamrock with their picture in it. Even made some extras for some Grandparents that we see quite often! :)  The first shamrock picture was made with a partially blown up balloon. This gives a very unique pattern on the shamrock. The shamrock necklace was done by stringing cut up green straws! This came simple to most students. Some chose to wear their necklaces to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in town.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was found on The handprints were attached to a sentence strip and we used a canned coke tab for a hanger.

The rest of the week, we had a camping theme! We made non cooked smores. We used graham crackers, marshmallow creme, and pieces of a Hershey Chocolate Bar. We made handprint campfires, the kiddos made camouflage tents using bingo dabbers and we added each child's picture. We colored a camping Spanish sheet. We also made door hangers. The handprint campfire poem reads:
At the campfire in the pit   With Graham Crackers and Chocolate   Marshmallows on a stick  Smores is what we pick! To the camo tent we added Barney's Camping Song.

For the last week of the month, we will have a Transportation Theme. I will post those pictures at the end of the week. :)

Here's what we have so far, for Transportation Week.. We have one more day, but I don't want to forget to post what we have already done!! I'm honestly trying to stay on top of things this week!! :)

Monday and Tuesday, we made Name Trains for everyone. They painted the engine with sparkly blue paint and gray wheels. I cut out some squares for the cars. This little guy wrote the S and A all by himself. Together, we wrote the M! Not bad for someone that just turned 3 a few months back!  :)  So proud of our class.

We only had 5 kiddos that did their trains on Tuesday, so we decided to proceed with another transportation craft. We kept it pretty simple. I found this on Pinterest. I found the shapes on .. The square and rectangle weren't too hard to find. Actually, the crescent wasn't very difficult.. It came as the moon with stars. We just omitted the stars! We had the kiddos bingo dab the square, rectangle and crescent. (The Moon). A few kiddos wanted to color the stars too, we just told them we didn't need them. :) Once they noticed while assembling, what it was, they actually forgot all about the stars. My boys were pretty excited about their bulldozers! The dirt was created with the brown bingo dabbers. (I think they are actually called dot dabbers.)

Wednesday is our Music Day. We have a professional Music Teacher that comes in shows the kiddos different instruments and plays songs for them to sing, jump, and dance to. We try and keep our craft a little simple. Even more so, with the pretty weather approaching. We made traffic signals!!

Thursday, we made rocket ships!! This is always a favorite with our little guys!! :)  We have also finished up our Spanish Folders and have been working a little on the "All About Me Books!" The All About Me Books can't be completed until May!! :)

Friday, our last day of the week, we made this cute little car. Each child personalized their car by coloring the little face to resemble themselves! They had fun putting the wheels in place and painting the car!! The little song was found online, a few years back.

This concluded our Transportation Week. With only one more school day in March, next week, we will start on our Easter Theme. The following week we will be out of school for our Spring Break. For in Augusta, Georgia, we hold our Spring Break the same week as the Masters Golf Tournament.

Many Blessings until then!
Sherry :)

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