Friday, February 28, 2014

January and February

Wow, finally, I am able to post.. I had to figure out the problem. I have been unable to post anything for quite some time. It was all due to a tool bar that someone installed on my computer and it was blocking some of the buttons on here.  Thank goodness the answer was just to delete the tool bar!! :)

So it seems I've really gotten behind!! By a lot!!

I am going to just start with the Dental Health Stuff and work my way backwards..

Dental Health was last week!

I forgot to take a picture or our finished project for Tuesday. (We were out of school on Monday, for President's Day) The color picture that was used can be found on Bing.  Feel free to use the brush your teeth song. The children colored the toothbrush and toothpaste and with glitter glue, we made the tooth sparkle. To make the copy paper a little thicker, we backed this with construction paper.

For Wednesday, we made big bright smiles!! This poem is an original I wrote for the craft. The teeth were created by using the kiddos index finger.

For Thursday, we cut a tooth pattern from poster board. We copied the sugar bugs onto yellow paper, cut them out and glued them to the tooth. We had the children brush, with a toothbrush dipped in white paint with toothpaste added to the paint, to brush away the sugar bugs on the tooth!!. Now, the paint didn't completely cover the sugar bugs, for we are in hopes by seeing the sugar bugs, this will remind kiddos to brush their teeth to keep the sugar bugs from coming back to their own teeth. Each child got a new toothbrush, some toothpaste and a book about plaque and brushing teeth. When we read the book at school, whenever the book mentioned plaque, we added sugar bugs to the sentence. Colgate sent out a package with the free toothbrushes and toothpaste. The poem used for the Sugar Bugs Tooth, is another original I wrote for the craft!!

On Friday, We copied a happy tooth. The kiddos placed torn crumpled up streamers around the tooth and we brushed the tooth with silver glitter glue for sparkles!!

This concludes Dental Health Week..

We decided on two weeks of Valentine Crafts. One I forgot to take a picture of.. this is starting to be a habit, huh??  :)  I am thinking older age is settling in!!

For Monday, the week before Valentines, we made a Valentine Heart Tree. I found this in Oriental Trading.

On Tuesday, we made the sign language sign for I love you! The children had fun practicing this!! Some mastered it quite well.

For Wednesday, we made the John 3:16 craft from Oriental Trading.

On Thursday,  we made a Jesus, Will You Be My Valentine craft. This is also in the Oriental Trading catalog. This is the one I forgot to take pictures of.

For Friday, we just colored a little picture and glued them to white bags. It was a valentine holder bag. I didn't take a picture of that either!! Shame on Me!!

Monday and Tuesday of Valentine's week, we made Mommy and Daddy surprises.

We were out of school the remainder of the week due to the ice storm that hit the south!!

We made it back to school for Dental Health Week. We had a little celebration with valentine cookies and juice and exchanged valentines!! Then we enjoyed the beautiful weather!! Until it got cold again

Backing up even further, into January, because the last post was our Christmas Stuff!!

The last week of January, we talked about Winter!! It certainly hit in the south. For right before the ice storm, we had a snow storm! (Which rarely happens a couple weeks apart with temps in the 8
70's in between storms!! Paper Plate Snowmen!!

Then, we made, Cold Hands, Warm Hearts!!

We made, shoe print penguins!!

We also made a Melted Showman!!

Our last day of our winter theme, we made Snowman Soup!! We tweaked this a little from the original post on Facebook, for we didn't do ours for Christmas!!  We made hot chocolate at school and had a taste of it, and sent home the snowman soup, with directions!!

In between all of this, we were out of school for the snowstorm! :)

We were out of school for Martin Luther King Day in January, this week, we had a star and bear theme.

We made "Super Stars" pictures, from white poster board and sponge painted stars. Added each child's picture on their star.

We found a Bear Star to transition into the Bear part of our theme.

The next couple days we had bear snacks. Brownies, Teddy Grahams, Icing, and M&M's.The other snack was Teddy Bear Toast. A slice of bread, toasted, with either cinnamon and sugar or peanut butter and banana slices for the ears and muzzle, craisins for the eyes and nose. (A picture is posted further up the blog! Last year's Teddy Bear Toast.

The last week of January, we had a Super Bowl Theme!! The kiddos picked who they wanted to win and each child's crafts were geared towards the team they picked!!

We also squeezed in a Chinese New Year Craft: Painted jumbo craft sticks, printed the Chinese Symbol for Good Luck, and added a canned soda tab to hang.

This catches us up for January and most of February. The very last week of February, we started on Dr. Seuss Crafts, we will conclude Dr. Seuss, the first week of March. :)  So many cute stuff out there for Dr. Seuss. It just had to be a two week theme!!

Many Blessings,
So sorry, I have been behind on my blogging...

Sherry :)

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