Friday, January 25, 2013

A Successful Bear Week!!

This work week was a little short, Monday, being Martin Luther King Day, we didn't have to go to school.

Our Bear Week began on Tuesday! We had fun this week... Because I search Pinterest so much, I found a couple cooking activities that I knew we had to try.. I have such fabulous parents!! Anytime I ask for something they are right there to help us out!  I'd like to give a big shout out to my parents.  We have NEVER had a bad group of parents the entire time I have been at our Mother's Day Out and Preschool Program!!  Everyone is so willing to help out in any type of way!!

Tuesday, we made the painted paper plate teddy bear.  I typed up one form of the Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear poem and we attached it to the front of the bear's tummy.  The kiddos painted a 6 and 9 inch paper plate.  We stapled the two together. The kiddos then placed the muzzle on the face.  We drew a nose, mouth and eyes this time.  Then the kiddos were asked if they wanted a Super Star Bear (Hands up) or a Huggy Bear (Hands out).  It was a good half and half mix on how they wanted their bears! The kiddos also put the ears together.. Everyone had a hand in gluing!

Wednesday, we made a Teddy Bear Headband.  I had the pattern tucked away in a notebook.  They bingo dabbed the bears with the exception of the ears and they painted those! I had both the female and male bears.  We also were able to watch the big kids parade down the hall with their special teddy bears for their annual teddy bear parade!!  For some reason, we forgot to take a picture of the female version of this bear, the only difference is the female is wearing the bow in her "hair" instead at the neck.

Thursday, we made the Teddy Bear Toast that has been floating around Pinterest the last couple of months.  We had two versions.  We used honey wheat bread, toasted it in toasters, then the kiddos had a choice of peanut butter or butter with some cinnamon and a pinch of sugar.  We used banana slices for the ears and muzzle. We had raisins for eyes and a raisin nose.  Most chose the cinnamon and sugar.  We made this about fifteen minutes AFTER eating lunch.. and some of those little kiddos STILL ate 2 1/2 pieces of toast!! (For seconds I only gave one slice of banana, 2 raisins, and a half piece of bread. Teddy Bear Toast was AWESOME! It's definitely a keeper!!! For our toast, we graphed in a 3 year old way.. If we liked the toast, and which one we liked best.  I know it's a lot of pictures, but they were super cute! We had the kiddos to paint a little outlined teddy bear, had the kiddos place the eyes and we just drew on the features. At Target, I found some adhesive wiggle eyes, so we decided to give them a try on the graph.

Friday, we made the teddy bear race cars.  The original post on Pinterest said to use milky way mini fun size candy bars... My daughter, Melissa, came up with the idea of using Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies! Let me tell you!! This was a FABULOUS IDEA!!  6 Brownies come in one box.  They already come with the line in them for breaking in half.  Using a plastic knife, I cut the one brownie into 4! You actually get 24 Brownies per one box of Cosmic Brownies!!  The brownie was just soft enough for the kiddos to push in a Teddy Graham Cracker.  I asked for the Honey ones.  My one parent that brought in this item, said her husband had picked them up for her and he commented there were only 50 different kinds of teddy grahams.  He chose the MINI Honey Teddy Grahams.  At first, I boosted my lips out a little and was hoping they would work! LET me tell you! Not only did they work, but next year, I will ask for them by name!!! They were the PERFECT size bears for our little racing cars.  For wheels we used M&M's, to "glue" them onto the brownie, I had a tube of pink frosting that was never opened or used for my Granddaughter's Birthday Cake.  I figured there was no need in wasting an entire can container of frosting to only use a little bit.  I chose the star tip to the frosting (one reason because I couldn't find the little writing tip) Now.. You could omit the M&M's if you want, the star tipped frosting was cute enough to leave them off.  We wanted ours to look complete and to look like little wheels so we chose to leave the M&M's!! They were fun to make, Cute to look at (with all the bright colors) and delicious to eat!! I don't believe we had one child that didn't eat their brownie bear race car!! We also graphed this one as well.  I forgot to take a picture of a completed one. (Sorry!) I wrote a little poem to go with our activity and found a coloring picture online of a bear driving a car.  The kiddos colored the bear driving the car. We circled if they liked it or not. I did print these on a diamond colored (Dollar Tree) we call it fancy paper. I took a picture of the bear driving the car from my computer monitor.. (Sorry for the smearing of my monitor, I have Grandkids and it's probably NOT the cleanest!!)  If you have any suggestions of how to actually clean a flat screen monitor I'm all eyes! Mind you that paper is regular sized, my lovely monitor won't show a full piece of paper when typing in Microsoft Word! That's the purpose for two pictures!

Today, Friday, was a bit cold out, so we also made Bear Hugs, using a Bear Paw Print and I typed up in a cute bear font, "A Big Bear Hug Just For You!" The Bear Hug pictures will only post sideways, so sorry about this!! I found some bear claw paw prints on We painted the kiddos palm of their hand and used their fingerprints for the claw paw prints.  They colored the Words then I folded a piece of construction paper accordion style and stapled to both the paw and the colored words creating a bear hug.

This weekend I will get busy to make our items needed for next week.  We have a Super Bowl Theme the week before the Super Bowl!! We are looking forward to our football week!! :) More to come on this! :)

Many  Blessings until next time!
Sherry :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Stars and Dinosaurs!!

In our classroom, we have homework once a month.  Beginning in September, we send home a shape and the kiddos, with their family, are to decorate items in any manner they wish.  They can paint, they can color, they can coat it with stickers, even pictures! When they do their homework, they bring it back to school and this becomes decorations for our classroom!  We start out with circles, move on squares, then rectangles, triangles and this month we have stars!

With stars come Super Stars!! We cut out a large star from poster board. We have the children sponge paint smaller stars upon the star cut out, and we take pictures of the kiddos wearing sparkly star glasses purchased from the Dollar Tree.  A lot of fun and Parents LOVE it!! We chose to do two days of Super Stars.  We wanted each child in our class to get one.  We had three five to carry over throughout the rest of the week, only because the laminator ate two of our projects! I was able to get three stars from a piece of poster board.  Needing 22, I luckily had two stars to spare! (I have 21 students, one comes from a broken home, so we make sure mom and dad get one!)

The rest of the week we made dinosaurs.  (Our version anyway!) The first one, someone asked if was a decorated pickle!! We traced the shoe and cut it from green paper.  We gave the kiddos a choice if they wanted to make a Shoeceratop or a Shoegasaurus.  Then they got to choose if they wanted their dinosaur to lay across the paper or stand up on the paper.  They got to decide if their dinosaur was to have a long tail or a short tail.  There were lots of decisions with this project.  After that was decided, they were allowed to decorate their dinosaurs using some shape stickers we had on hand.  Then one by one, we asked if they would name their dinosaur.  (You have to secretly ask questions or they will all have the same answers!) After deciding on names, they were asked what their dinosaur liked to eat! The answers were a hoot!

For Thursday, we made the handprint stegosaurus that I found online!  With this activity, we typed up a little piece of the "We Are The Dinosaurs" Song. When listening to the song, it's not quite exact!  The dinosaur on this page was watercolored, but our green was so light, we went over it with another green tempera paint.  The hands were stamped using a big green washable stamp pad! We tweaked it just a little.

Friday, we finished up our dinosaurs with a little dinosaur that was hatching from his egg.  They bingo dabbed the dinosaur and I found a Dino Ditty Ditty Dum Ditty Do Song! The kiddos LOVED the song and didn't want to stop dancing!  (Hmmm, does this mean Older Music is the REAL dance music??) Of course, this song is sung to the tune: "Do Wah Diddy Diddy) This was found online at .. Again, we tweaked it just a little.

For the most, we had a true blast!! It was fun, we used our brains, and we were able to get some energy out dancing and stomping like dinosaurs! We play Laurie Berkner's Band CD a lot in our classroom "Whaddaya Think of That?" One of the songs, on this cd we use a LOT! It's called "We Are The Dinosaurs"

Our next projects will be all about BEARS! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013


We are in the middle of January, and suppose to be in the middle of Winter, however, the temperatures say differently.

Of course, last week was the week decided to talk about snow, ice, and being cold. In reality, we were outside in short sleeves and having picnics!!  (Not that I'm really complaining about our mild winter, because, I truly do not like blood freezing weather!)

On Monday, we made a Georgia Snowman! We had the kiddos paint across the bottom of a piece of construction paper with white.  They added a hat, sticker eyes, and a carrot nose anywhere in the paint for a melted snowman!

We included the poem: Georgia Snowman ~ I made a little snowman,with a little hat, the sun came out and melted him, and now my snowman is all so flat!

For Tuesday, we made a pretty big heart from pink construction paper. Inside the heart, we put a pair of mittens with a handprint inside each mittens.  Across the bottom the words read: Cold Hands  Warm Heart!
We laminated this one! It was very cute! We had great reviews from our parents too!

Wednesday, we continued with our winter week by making a doily snowman. We included a little fingerplay for this craft. The words to the fingerplay can be found at: 

On Thursday, we made a cute little penguin.  For this craft, we included a little penguin song that was found floating around the internet.  It is sung to the tune: "Have You Ever Seen A Lassie?" The words are: Have you ever seen a penguin? A penguin? A penguin? Have you ever seen a penguin swim this way and that? Swim this way and that way, and this way and that way? Have you ever seen a penguin swim this way and that? (While singing the song, we sway back and forth to this and that)

Friday, we made a big ole pot of SnOwMaN SoUp! This was originally found on Pinterest.  Since we made it for our Winter Week, I tweaked the saying just a bit and we didn't include the candy cane. We made some   Snowman Soup (Hot Chocolate) in the classroom to give everyone a taste, and we sent a baggie with hot chocolate packs, marshmallows, and some candy kisses for the kiddos to enjoy! The Snowman Soup paper reads: Snowman Soup When the weather outside is frightful, Snowman Soup is delightful. May it warm your heart and soul. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Add hot milk or water, don't forget the marshmallows too! Enjoy the kisses from the snowman to you! Mix well with the packet, sip the soup real slow. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

This was a like for about half the kiddos.  Most of them hadn't experienced hot drinks before and didn't really care for it.  This may be best for older kiddos.

Normally, my blog stops as our week stops on Friday.  But..... I'm going to stretch this for one more day.  Friday Night, I was looking through Pinterest, (pretty much what I do almost daily) and I discovered, homemade stamps! My brain started working overtime.  I dug a little deeper searching the internet on how to make these homemade rubber stamps. Mind you, I never even thought there were kits out there that could actually be PURCHASED, so you can create your own stamp.  Digging just one more website deeper, I stumbled onto you tube! Glory and behold, there was a lady making a stamp that was right up my alley!!  Then my mind almost went into overload! It was set, I was going to make not only a stamp for MY classroom but for the younger twos classroom as well!  (They are getting used to my projects and have learned not to expect perfection! (Thank goodness for perfect, I am not!) I went on my favorite clipart site:, searched for black and white clipart of a toilet. Yep, you heard me right, a TOILET, aka Potty in my classroom! I found one!! an all black one.  By hitting the ctrl button and holding it down while hitting the P key on my keyboard.  I was able to print this picture of a potty.  This button gives me options to print different sizes.  After the third try, I finally got the size right.. the one that gave the MOST pictures per page, which made my clip art 2 inches tall from top to bottom! Pleased with my little tiny toilet, I cut it out, then cut it out from a small piece of craft foam, to check to see if it was to my liking.  It was! I was really getting excited at this point! I was able to contain my excitement, but there was nothing to be, that I HAD to go to Lowes today. (Saturday) I headed straight for the plumbing aisle.  Searched both of em! Disappointed that I couldn't find the sheet of rubber that I needed. I asked an associate and after he called another associate, we found it!!  (By the way, it's actually called "Rubber Packing Sheet". It comes in two thicknesses.  Of course, I wanted the BEST rubber stamp, so I bought the thicker one. It wasn't easy cutting with scissors, so I do suggest an X-Acto knife!) Then, my brain started working in overtime again. I had to think of something to actually GLUE the rubber to.  Heck, I even had to get GLUE!! I walked up to another associate and asked what would hold the rubber to something either wooden or plastic. Now, she asked, why I would want to glue this rubber to plastic or wood and I told her excitedly that I was gonna make myself a Rubber Stamp! She was a bit hesitant and suggested Gorilla Glue.  She said that would hold together anything! My husband was with me, and he suggested something a little cheaper, Krazy Glue! The Crazy Glue (Super Glue) did work for the most part! (Next time, I probably try Gorilla Glue!) Still have no idea at this point, what I wanted to glue my rubber to! I also have a little table in the classroom made from that pressboard junk, that my kiddos sat on the bottom and broke it right in to. I needed some screws to go into a new piece of 1X4 to keep it sturdy. We went into a little hardware store, in town that sells screws separately.  I only needed four, and at Lowes, I had to buy 6! The hardware store, locally owned, only charged me .16 cents each for four screws.  Being a much smaller store.. I was browsing around looking for something that I could use as a handle for my stamp! Whalllaaaa! I found something called a PVC Bushing.  Well, it seemed to be what I was looking for, but it was hollow.  I was half satisfied.  The bushing was .79 cents! Now, the man in the hardware store, asked what I needed or wanted, and when I told him I was gonna make a homemade rubber stamp, he informed me that people didn't make those, they ordered them.  I told him, why pay $30 for something I could made for $4.00? He argued no more! My mom had given the Grandkids some homemade jewelry our last visit with her. To keep the jewelry from tangling, she place the jewelry into washed medicine bottles!! Hmmmm... I started thinking harder! It was going to work! It was going to work! I came home, cut the potty from the rubber.  Cut another circular piece of rubber to fit the medicine bottle lid. Glued it into place then glued the bushing in the lid for a knob and my stamp was complete! I could barely wait to try it out! Of course there wasn't one to be found at my house, so I called my daughter, she had one! We got together, I tried it out.. it worked! It worked! I finally have my potty stamp!!!  The total cost for my stamp was right at $3.50 each. (I made two) We have two 2 year old classes at work. I have wanted a potty stamp for years. I even ordered one. It was $30! BUT, it was less than an inch!! It was so tiny, you could barely tell it was a potty.  I wanted a potty stamp that when a child looked at their stamp, they would remember WHY they got it in the first place.  FOR GOING POTTY!! I wanted them to be proud when they showed their mommy and/or daddy (or whoever picks them up).  I can barely wait to try it out for real!! Bribary works for going potty, eventually kiddos remember if they go, they get an M&M or a sticker or enough times they get a toy.  It's something different to get a POTTY STAMP!! I will have to let you know how it goes!! :)

I know this blog was a little longer than most..It's a lot of reading.. but I hope something in my blog is useful to you or someone you love!

Love and Blessings,
Sherry :)              

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!

We have finally started back to school for the year 2013! We started back, January 2nd.  We had three days to create crafts for the New Year!!

By now, you should recognize that we are all about some feet and hands.. we just had to include those in our crafts this week! You know, ya just can't have a new year, without a noise maker!!  :)

This is what we decided ~

Wednesday, we traced hand prints onto colored paper surrounding the poem.  This was one of my Pinterest finds! We had the kiddos glue down their hands on festive star paper from the Dollar Tree. (This paper is pretty thin, so we backed this with purple construction paper! The poem reads: The New Year is a time to say I'll use my hands in every way.. To do good deeds and spread good cheer, For all the people I hold dear. This template can be found at

Thursday, we made our Happy New Year Noise Makers.  We had the kiddos lightly paint over the words Happy New Year.  They were already made into a circle, we just had to cut those out.  I used card stock to make the circle a little better.  Then using the star hole punch, we punched holes to each side of the circle and tied small jingle bells using white curling ribbon. We attached with a stapler to a colored craft stick. Our noise makers weren't too awfully noisy for the ride home from school! This particular noise maker happens to belong to my Granddaughter. She hadn't started back to school yet, so she has been my helper for the last three days!! With her being older, she was able to do her name in special dot letters all by herself! She's in first grade!

Friday, we painted everyone's feet.  We placed the foot prints upon some festive paper bought from the Dollar Tree and then backed it with yellow construction paper!  I took a close-up picture of the poem so it can be read easily.  We have also, in the past, done this craft using FOUR handprints of multi colors and then placing the year in each palm print.  (2 on one hand, 0 on the next hand, 1 on the next.. of course whatever year it may be for the number on the last hand print.) I already have the words Happy New Year and the poem together on one page.. all we had to do was add the year!

Next week, we will talk about winter! Now, here in Georgia, it's hard to teach Winter when you have Spring Like Temperatures!!  (Not that I'm complaining, I like non-icy winters for myself!! My blood doesn't freeze and I don't mind getting out of bed in the mornings!)

Blessings until next week!!
Sherry :)  aka Sherbees