Friday, November 22, 2013


For Halloween we made some interesting items.  Some are repeats, but were well worth it!!

On Monday before the week of Halloween, we made Christian Jack-O-Lanterns.

Tuesday, we made our Jack-O-Lantern Cross. 

Wednesday, we made the pumpkins with the hand prints. Each child made one of these in our classroom!!
This was a two day project.

Friday's Craft, is a little hard to see. The kiddos colored a piece of paper, we cut it into the pumpkin shape and added the Christian Pumpkin Symbols to the pumpkins. 

 Monday, we started on our Scarecrow Bags! These will be used for when we go from door to door on the 31st to collect treats and trinkets at each of the classrooms at work.  Each child made a scarecrow bag, so this too, was a two day project in order to get all kiddos.  (Our children do not all come five days, so we have to spread out some of our crafts to catch everyone over a two day period!)

On Wednesday, we just made the popcorn scary hands.  They kiddos really enjoyed eating popcorn and creating scary hands.  Everyone got to choose the color spider ring they wanted.  Trust me, don't wait until the day before Halloween to try and purchase spider rings.  They aren't the easiest thing to find!! :)

Our party was on Halloween.  We didn't do a special craft on this day!! 

There was one day of the week left from the week of Halloween, so we decided to do a fall acorn for this day in our classroom!! Love the little song that is attached to it. A wonderful friend of mine taught this song to me many many years ago.  I know it's been around and is still found on the internet! :)

The week after Halloween, we began our fall crafts. 

Sherry :)

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