Friday, November 22, 2013


I know I'm writing blogs all in the same day, for different months, I didn't realize I had fell so far behind on my blog! Sorry about that! :)

This week, we made Fall Crafts.

On Monday, we made the Wide Eyed Owl. The kiddos painted plates brown, and glued on the attachments. The poem was placed on the back of the paper plate owl.

On Tuesday, we made Fall Leaf Squirrels with the poem attached. The kiddos colored the squirrel and then we went on a leaf hunt outside. This year, we used real leaves. I have used leaves cut from construction paper.

For Wednesday and Thursday, we made Fall Trees! Each child did one of these. Another two day project!
We painted the arm and hand. We had the children bingo dab a circle for the tree. We attached the poem at the bottom of the tree.

Friday, we made edible acorns.  This year, we had no allergies, so we used the Nutter Butter Bites, Milk Chocolate Chips, Candy Kisses and glued everything together with milk chocolate whipped frosting.  Everyone LOVED these!!

We had a lot of fun this week with our crafts. Next week, we will head to the farm!! :)

Sherry :)

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