Friday, November 22, 2013

Down on the Farm!

Another fantastic week at Preschool!! This was a fun theme to do.  There are so many ideas out there for a farm theme!!

Monday, we had a double craft. For it was Veteran's Day and the beginning of our Farm Week! We had the children color a flag for Veteran's Day.  We made the simple rooster and attached a poem to the back of the plate.

Tuesday, we sponge painted a "cloud" shape for the sheep's body. Added the face, ears, and legs. The kiddos had a lot of fun painting and watching the creation of the sheep being made from a "cloud"!

Wednesday, we made PURPLE COWS! Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and pour a little grape soda on top of the ice cream.  This was a HUGE HIT at school, with both teachers and kiddos!! One little boy was eyeing the ice cream, I think his mouth watered for it, until I poured on the grape soda. The excitement escaped right from his little face! Then he looked at it, and looked at me, and said, "I don't think I like purple cows!" I asked if he would JUST try it for me! He did, well, he couldn't get enough of it. He said, "I do like Purple Cows!!" Another little boy, we were told by his mom, talked to his daddy on the phone (while he was out of town) and dad asked if there was anything he would like for him to bring to him.  Sam said, "Oh Yes, Daddy, Banilla Ice Cream and Purple Drink!" Each person at the bottom of the coloring page got a YES! in the blank that asked if they liked it.

Thursday and Friday we had another two day craft.  Each child made a farmer. This was found on Pinterest as well.  We didn't really like the shovel, so we cut that from the template and from I found horse clipart that fit perfectly under the hand as if the farmer is petting the horse!! Each child was there own Old Mac-Farmer! The template was found at 

Friday, we made pink polka dotted pigs. The pig was copied onto pink paper, then polka dotted with stickers and glitter glue to make it sparkle. I wrote this original poem that was used.  This was a very simple craft.

Definitely a fun fun week!! :)

Many Blessings,

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