Friday, October 11, 2013

ROAR!!! The Week of the Dinosaur!!

This is the week, we chose to do dinosaurs! With a LOT more boys than girls, this was a huge hit. Not that the girls didn't like it, they too, enjoyed a little dino fun! :)

We learned the Spanish word for Dinosaur is Dinosaurio.  That's pronounced Deeno (like in the Flintstones) and Saurio (like the word Mario!)

The first day we created dinosaurs with our shoe print and with some shape stickers!!

Then we made baby dinosaurs. We decorated an envelope for the dinosaur to live.  We had each child name their dinosaur.  We had some mighty interesting names.  One even named their dinosaur Pumpkin!! :)  We taught the kiddos how to ROAR softly as to NOT scare their baby dinosaurs!!

We also made a hatching dinosaur! This one, I has found the Dino Diddy Ditty Do, song and tweaked it a bit to go with the hatching part of our dinosaur!!

We then decided to step a little further out of the box and make a Rainbow Dinosaur!! The girls REALLY liked this one!! We decided to use their fingers as the spikes to this dinosaur.  We just painted them in  rainbow colors! We used the words from Laurie Berkner's CD "What Do You Think of That" from the song, "What Do You Think of That".  Our children LOVE marching to this song and pretending to be dinosaurs that eat and rest! They like most when they get to ROAR, pretty loudly! :)

I found some awesome paper plate dinosaur free patterns on the site: 
There were five different ones.  We decided to stick with the T-Rex but really contemplated making the Pterodactyl.  In this picture, you can't tell, but, we decided to go a little extra mile and make sure the dinosaur had white teeth! :)  The song was found on the huge world wide web!! However, I tweaked it just a bit!

This would conclude our Dinosaur Week.  Next week.... Fire Safety!!

Sherry :)

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