Thursday, October 24, 2013


The theme was Manners!

We have done some (well probably all of them!) before.. my dilemma.. repost so nobody has to dig for the crafts in previous blogs.. or leave it be.  I'm all about sharing and convenience to everyone, so I figured, I'd just repost! :)

There may be a few things that we did differently in some kind of way.  Rest assured, Melissa and I LOVE our job and we have a lot of fun in our classroom.  We tweak some words to fit our crafts and we are all about changing things up.

There isn't a lot of stuff on Manners out there.. watching some kiddos.. maybe there is a need for MANY more Manner crafts, songs, and fingerplays!

Monday, we made a quiet little mouse.  The mouse tells us to not talk, but to listen when someone else talks. The poem came from the DLTK site.  The mouse was found in a book we have school.  Big Book of Patterns.  It was much smaller, so we had to enlarge the pattern.  The mouse was painted, and the cheese and ears were bingo dabbed.

Tuesday, we made a bumblebee using the foot and hand.  I had envisioned something a little differently than Melissa so we compromised and this is what we came up with.  I love the Bee Font!!

Wednesday, we kept things pretty simple.  Melissa and I both were out of the classroom on this day, for we had to attend a family funeral.  We didn't want to overwhelm the kids nor the substitute teachers by both of us being out.

Thursday, this mouth pattern was found in a book (and I wish I knew the name of it) that belonged to a friend that I worked with many many years ago.  I think it was originally suppose to be used as a dental health craft.. As I mentioned earlier, there isn't a whole lot of things out there on manners.. So between Melissa and I, we came up with this one.  We cut food items from a couple grocery store ads and an expired pizza coupon ad.  We laid the food on the table and had the kiddos pick which one they would like to glue inside their mouth.  The picture doesn't really show it, but we had the kiddos color their boy with the mouth open.  I did find this Mealtime Manner Song somewhere on the internet and with the song, we created the craft to NOT chew with your mouth open!! :)

Friday, we painted the palm of our students hands, and created a pumpkin patch with pumpkins using their manners to kick off our fall fun crafts for the following couple of weeks.  The saying, I wrote, so it's an original! I also, turned the saying into a feltboard story, to practice all during the fall season.

We enjoy so much working with our kiddos.  The smiles, the hugs, and the "I love you's!" make everything all worth while!! :)

Enjoy what you do.. stop and check out the little things in life.. Be a Blessing to someone!!
Love and Peace,
Sherry :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fire Safety Week!

This week, our first FULL week in October.  We decided to have our Fire Safety Week!

Everyone had a lot of fun learning about 911, Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll, and making firetrucks, and our Parents REALLY loved our Fire Dog Picture Frame! What's a picture frame without a picture!!??

This is what we did this week! :)

FIRST, we had to get everyone's picture!! Sometimes, this can be a big task.  It seems some of our kiddos were sick at the first of the week, some at the end of the week, and one didn't come to school this week, for she was just having some Mommy Time!  We will have to make up picture frames for three kiddos next week. But, it won't take too long that we won't have time to do what we're suppose to do! :)  We have also managed two days in a row to get outside for an hour to enjoy some beautiful Fall/Summer Georgia weather!!

The first thing we did on Monday, was our Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll T-Shirts.  We used red, yellow, and orange paint to create the fire on our shirts.  We folded the shirts in half creating a sort of "ink blot" We had the kiddos color the words which included Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll.  This was a free standing craft. One version of this was found in a "Mailbox" Magazine many years ago.

Our next craft, we made a smoke detector.  I forgot to take a picture of our craft this week, so I used one from last year.  This year, we just bingo dabbed a nose for the smoke detector using a black dabber.  On the back of the smoke detector, I always write a little note to mom and dad to not forget to check their batteries to the real smoke detectors in their home.  :)

For Wednesday, we started on our Fire Dog Picture Frames.  By now, I have most of the pictures taken and headed out Wednesday morning before school to get them developed!! I think I went to two different CVS Stores to discover their machines were down, to end up at Rite-Aid! This year, we used the black dabber for spots, in the past we have used fingerprints. The firetruck in the picture is just a pop up tent.

We had the children create a shapes firetruck. I found the clipart on  Attached the Barney Song, "Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck"!

Last but not least, we talked about 911.  We crumpled up some birthday streamer paper and had the children fill in the 9-1-1.  We have in the past used red, yellow, and orange.  This year we decided to go with the red and yellow.  The song was taught to me by a parent, many moons ago.  I am sure it could be found on the internet as well.  I have found the streamer paper is a little more vibrant than tissue paper.  Of course either would be fine. You could even use construction paper.  We wanted something a little different than paint, crayons, and bingo dabbers, so we went with the streamers!

Fire Safety week has come to a close.  Next week we will have a week of Manners!

Blessings to All,
Sherry :)

ROAR!!! The Week of the Dinosaur!!

This is the week, we chose to do dinosaurs! With a LOT more boys than girls, this was a huge hit. Not that the girls didn't like it, they too, enjoyed a little dino fun! :)

We learned the Spanish word for Dinosaur is Dinosaurio.  That's pronounced Deeno (like in the Flintstones) and Saurio (like the word Mario!)

The first day we created dinosaurs with our shoe print and with some shape stickers!!

Then we made baby dinosaurs. We decorated an envelope for the dinosaur to live.  We had each child name their dinosaur.  We had some mighty interesting names.  One even named their dinosaur Pumpkin!! :)  We taught the kiddos how to ROAR softly as to NOT scare their baby dinosaurs!!

We also made a hatching dinosaur! This one, I has found the Dino Diddy Ditty Do, song and tweaked it a bit to go with the hatching part of our dinosaur!!

We then decided to step a little further out of the box and make a Rainbow Dinosaur!! The girls REALLY liked this one!! We decided to use their fingers as the spikes to this dinosaur.  We just painted them in  rainbow colors! We used the words from Laurie Berkner's CD "What Do You Think of That" from the song, "What Do You Think of That".  Our children LOVE marching to this song and pretending to be dinosaurs that eat and rest! They like most when they get to ROAR, pretty loudly! :)

I found some awesome paper plate dinosaur free patterns on the site: 
There were five different ones.  We decided to stick with the T-Rex but really contemplated making the Pterodactyl.  In this picture, you can't tell, but, we decided to go a little extra mile and make sure the dinosaur had white teeth! :)  The song was found on the huge world wide web!! However, I tweaked it just a bit!

This would conclude our Dinosaur Week.  Next week.... Fire Safety!!

Sherry :)

Apple Week

It looks like I must have had writer's block! I just signed on to post for this week, to realize, I haven't posted for three weeks!!

My Father in Law has been sick, so I guess my mind has been on family!

We actually had our apple week for the last week in September.  We normally work around Johnny Appleseed's Birthday!

We had a lot of fun learning about different types of apples.

These apples were painted using green, yellow, and red paint.  The leaf was bingo dabbled along with the stem.  We added names to the stem for something different.  The apples were cut from poster board and left to be free standing.

We learned that not all apples are red! We had the kiddos paint these yellow.  We added a little sparkle!

Here, we decided to check out what was INSIDE the apple.  We had the kiddos bingo dab with red around the edges of the apple.  We used the bingo dabber to make seeds.  In the past we have used fingerprints. This too, was free standing.

Each child painted a red apple.  We attached this to light green construction paper, took a cute little picture of each child, laminated the entire page and  made sure every person in the classroom took one home.  For some of the Grandparents that we see daily, we made sure they had one too!

For Johnny Appleseed Day, September 26th, we made pot headbands, and had each child pick out their favorite apple (red, green, or yellow) and color their apple and we practiced the Johnny Appleseed Blessing.

Everyone seemed to enjoy tremendously, our apple activities!! The following week was Dinosaur Week!!

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)