Friday, September 13, 2013

Second Week of School

Our first week of school was a blast! I don't have pictures to show for any crafts that were done, because, we mainly worked on our All About Me Books.  For the first half of the year stuff .. We will finish those at the end of the school year and send those home then.

This week, we concentrated on crafts that were all about our Classroom Theme.

We painted handkerchiefs purchased from Wal-Mart with fabric paint to create our very own, one of a kind, bandannas.

We made armadillo arm bands found at Danielle's Place Website. I am a member, so I am able to get some AWESOME patterns!! :)  The kiddos colored the pattern, we cut them out, the armband is nothing but a tissue roll cut in half then split longways for an armband.  The children called them bracelets.  You could pretty much make any type of bracelet/armband, depending on your theme.

From Bing, I found the boot clip art or a coloring page (Right now, I'm not sure which I used for I use both to find what I'm looking for.) I usually resize the pictures in Word to get exactly what I'm looking for. In the past we have always made an Apple Painted with a clothespin on back and a magnet to hang up artwork. This year, we decided to use a boot to hang artwork to go along with our Classroom Theme.  We have found using the button magnets work waaay better than the magnetic strips.  The buttons we used this year, had a sticky back to them, but we did hot glue the clothes pin on the finished boot.  We also backed the boot onto poster board for durability.

I found the Wanted Poster from our local School Supply Store.  We decided to take pictures of each child in front of the Wanted Poster using the bandanna they created, and a plastic toy cowboy hat. The poem, I wrote to fit what we do in our classroom and at school.  The horseshoe is made from blue craft foam, and Melissa had the idea to use the brads to decorate them.  The pattern came from Oriental Trading Company.

We only had four crafts this week, for we made sure each child's picture was taken and everyone had a horseshoe to go on their craft. The horseshoe was hot glued to to the finished project. (We laminated the picture and poem.)  Everyone also made bandannas.  We have children that come different days of the week, so it's impossible to make sure everyone does the same thing in one day.

Next week, we will have Pet Week!!

Many Blessings until then...
Sherry Clarke

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