Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time for a New School Year!!

I know it's been a minute since I've blogged.  The biggest reason is the crafts we did for our second session of Summer Fun, have already been blogged!!

I'm going to try hard at not repeating myself! :) That may be easier typed (said) than done! :)

The last three weeks of Summer fun was just our basic kind of stuff we did.  I think we did a zoo theme, a summer theme, and another very common theme that I honestly can't think of, for it was a month ago!! :)

Since, I've had surgery inside my mouth.. recovery is slow, but, it will get there.. and Glory behold Fall classes are just about to begin.

Many know, some do not, that my daughter and I work together in a Church Setting.  We are considered a private school, so pretty much, our director can set our own schedule and we don't start back with kiddos until after Labor Day!!

We did experience our Open House on Thursday, August 29, 2013.

Melissa and I chose a little Western theme this year.  I took a few random pictures in the classroom.  I hope you enjoy them.

My Daughter and I ~ We dressed the part! ~ Howdy!!

This is a picture of the stick horses we made for each child.  They were made using a horse outline picture found on bing and a freeze pop that wasn't frozen of course.  We did embellish with a google eye and some yarn.  Freeze Pops were purchased at Wal-Mart. Stick horses were placed inside a goody bag along with bags of Trail Mix. (I found a box of 18 packages of Trail Mix at Costco) After my husband opened the box and ate a package, I had to purchase 2 more packs, so I picked them up at Dollar General to finish up the bags.  (Dollar General were Frito-Lay brand which is pictured below.) The poem is original.  I wrote it.  At the time, we had not planned on the "stick horses". So glad I had the words "giddy-up" in the poem.  Melissa and I came up with the plan to use freeze pops and horse heads for the stick horses!! 

Finished Goody Bag ~ Cellophane bags were purchased from Oriental Trading.

Poem used for each bag.

Table that included parent paper work and each child's goody bag!

This is a picture of our teacher table ready for meeting and greeting.  Bandanna Candy, plastic boot,
and the banner was all purchased at Hobby Lobby. Our bandannas were bought at the Dollar Tree. They came in a package with one each red and blue bandanna.  Most every where has them for a dollar each. The white candy are just wintergreen Life Savers.

Teacher Table

Our outlet covers that we used.  I purchased the cowboy and the boot, from Hobby Lobby already painted for .69 cents.  Melissa hot glued a plastic outlet cover to the back and we have themed outlet covers.  The boot will become our "No-No Boot"! Believe it or not, usually the kiddos learn pretty quick not to touch it.

Here is a picture of a helper that worked hard the morning of our Open House.  He organized our markers, pencils (even sharpened them), and scissors.  He went over and beyond and organized our book shelf! Many thanks to Cowboy Eli for all his hard work in preparing us for the school year!!

Our Cowboy!

The remaining pictures are pretty random.  Our bulletin boards and outside picture in the hallway.  For some reason the lighting in the hallway isn't very good, so you really don't see the vibrant colors that are there.  Everything was bright and fresh!  We have a new teacher supply store in town.  A-G-S, I believe is the name.  The bulletin board sets were purchased there. (The Round Up Set, The chameleons, and the letters)  The small bulletin board parts were used with craft foam patterns that were purchased at Oriental Trading.  The cow border was handmade.  I couldn't find any on a short notice. (Didn't have time to order from amazon or any place online.) In searching for the border, I went to the other school supply place, School Days, and just purchased plain white border and 2 large sharpies. (I really only needed one, but, I wanted to make sure I didn't run out of ink.)

Classroom Bulletin Board (Right Side)

We split the bulletin board to display monthly pictures.  We will obviously display those on the "Gold Rush" side.  The tiny letters are stickers purchased from the Dollar Tree.

Craft foam pictures from Oriental Trading.  The horseshoe from Oriental Trading was blue. I had a green piece of foam in the classroom I cut the green one using the pattern from the blue one.

Hallway Greeting outside our classroom.  The clothespins hold notes and artwork.  The hats and chameleons are small above the shelf.  They have names to show children where to place lunchboxes and are above hooks (under the shelf) for book bag placement.

This is a picture of our circle time area.  We teach our children their colors, shapes, alphabet, Touch a little on sign language, (we don't expect them to know the entire alphabet in sign language), the days of the week, and we talk about the months of the year.  Just to expose them to it.  Yes, you do some Spanish.  We teach the children to count to ten in Spanish and 20 in English.  We teach the colors in both English and Spanish. Posters were mainly purchased from The Dollar Tree. Sign Language and Spanish Posters were purchased at School Days.

First half ~ (For this is a corner)

Second Half

If you notice the "Little Old Lady" in the corner. She is made from a tiny trash can purchased from the Dollar Tree.  She is the Little Old Lady that Swallowed a Fly.  When I tell the story, I have plastic animals that she "eats".  The children love the story and begs to listen quite often.  (Also my version of the story, the lady cries instead of dies.)

This conclude the virtual tour of our classroom and Open House.  My Prayer for you all is to have a fabulous fun filled school year.  Enjoy what you do!

My challenge to each of you (teachers) is for you to get to know your students.  Learn why that one child is being difficult in your classroom.  Dedicate yourself to being the BEST teacher you can possibly be. Our children need us!!

Blessings to each of you!
Sherry :)

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