Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Under the Sea

I'm almost caught up with my blog!! Thank goodness only one more week left of Summer Fun.  (Which we're actually in as I type this one from last week!)

We went Under the Sea!

We made purple balloon octopus with a paper plate base.  The kids really loved throwing their octopus in the air to make it land back on his feet! This was a huge hit with our class this year!!

For the second day of Summer Fun, we actually made two crafts.  The night before I was searching around Pinterest and I discovered a dinosaur bracelet made from craft foam.  We searched in our little closet to find some ocean foamies that I picked up from the Dollar Tree a year or so ago, and we made bracelets.  The kiddos picked out the foamies they wanted to stick on their bracelets.  We punch the hole in the ends and instead of using curling ribbon like the original pinner said, I just used yarn.  It was easier on the skin than the curling ribbon.

We also made paper plate oysters.  The kids painted the back of the plates blue/purple and then the inside of the plate was painted pink.  Fold the plate in half and place your "pearl" inside.  We chose to use a cotton ball for our pearls.  The kiddos thought they needed eyes, so we told them they could pick their eyes and stick them on top of the oyster.

Our third project was a hand print crab.  Melissa is all about the sparkle, so once painted she added a little glitter glue to the the painted hands.  We used twisted streamer paper for seaweed on the side of the paper.  We chose two shades of green to make it show up.

Our next week's crafts will be fourth of July crafts.  We are out of school for the week of the fourth, so we choose to make our crafts a week early.  :)  The "Big Kids" of the school have a parade and sometimes we go over to watch the parade!!

Sherry :)

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