Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Father's Day Week

I think I failed to mention during the summer months, we only work three days! Our Father's Day Crafts weren't quite as elaborate as our Mother's Day items.  We managed to squeeze in some new stuff this year.

We made shoe prints.  Our moms brought in one of Dad's shoes, and we traced the outline, or if they wanted to bring in a tracing, we didn't mind that either.  We did begin asking for shoe prints the very first day of school.  Believe it or not, all but one of our 15 children brought them in!!  SUCCESS! We did have a plan B for the one that didn't get to bring one in.

We painted rocks.  Without paying a fortune, it's really hard to find large river rocks here.  I don't know, but, maybe I just looked at the wrong place! Guess I should have went to the RIVER, instead of Lowes!  I printed up the words, Dad, You Rock!

I found on Pinterest, a cute idea using a regular sized white security type envelope.  You seal the envelope. Snip off about a half inch, then a bit in the middle straight down on the side you address of the envelope.  Fold down the folds to make a shirt collar.  We added a tie.  We had the children paint their white envelope then using their thumbs, they "polka dotted" the tie.  Add the tie to the envelope under the collar, and it becomes a candy bar holder.  We placed Hershey Bars inside the envelopes and added a poem to the back.

We also made some little blue ribbon awards and we had the kiddos answer questions about their dads. For the kiddos that needed to make their crafts for their Granddaddies or Favorite Uncles, we just tweaked it by changing names and printing.  The award is pictured above.

You have to individually ask the kiddos the questions so you get different answers.  I know for a fact, when an almost three year old, or a three year old hears one person answer a question they mysteriously have the same answer!!  Go Figure!! We call this a case of the Monkey See Monkey Do Game!

Next Blog will be Under the Sea!

Sherry :)

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