Monday, April 22, 2013

Weather Theme

Last week we did a weather theme at school..

We made a rain craft, a sunshine craft, a storm craft, and a rainbow craft.  We have had such beautiful weather in Georgia, that we decided to actually scratch the craft and just ENJOY the weather!!

The rain song was found on the internet, years ago.  The sun craft was pinned on Pinterest from another person.  The storm craft, Melissa made up, we included an original poem that we wrote the day of the craft. The rainbow craft included a Rainbow Promise Song that was taught to us many years ago by a lady named Cathy.  She used to do a Chapel Program where I worked many years ago.  The Rainbow song is typed on the craft the way it is sang.  (The typos were intentional!) :)

I'm trying to stay all caught up with my blog and Pinterest Pinning!! This week, we are having a week of Earth Day Projects!!

God Bless, Stay Safe!
Continued Prayers for the families that lives have permanently changed while in Boston last week!!
Sherry :)

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