Sunday, April 21, 2013

Oh My!!

I can't believe I have gotten so behind on my posts!! I have totally missed St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Spring Insects.. caterpillars, butterflies, bumble bees, and then birds...  

I will start with St. Patrick's Day: The first picture was created using a partially blown up balloon.  The second one, is a close up of an original poem that was used for the balloon painted shamrocks. The third picture, I used and found a cute clipart/coloring sheet of the black pot with the clover for the handprint rainbow.  The last picture we had the children to bingo dab a shamrock, placed a doily in the middle along with their picture.  All 21 children was able to do this craft.  We laminated them, the parents loved them!!

For Easter, we made several crafts..

First, we painted an Easter Egg, with a plastic egg.  (To make this work, you will need to place some weight in the plastic egg, we just place a few coins inside the plastic egg) We mix up some pastel paint and they roll the egg around in the paint creating an Easter Egg.  We use a plastic shoe box with a lid so the kiddos stay mess free!

We then made a handprint chicken using an egg shape for the body. The sticker eyes and over sized beaks give fabulous personality!

Again, I went to and found bunny clipart to be used with this Cross craft.  The egg was a sticker foam sparkly one, and the jelly beans were just cut from craft foam.  The second picture is just a close up of the words used on the cross.  I typed the words then traced a cross so the words would be in the middle of the cross.  We had the children watercolor the cross.

The Easter basket was found online years ago, it has a pattern with Easter Eggs to go with it, this year, we opted out on the patterned eggs. We had a plastic egg that opened sideways and dipped the egg into paint.  We had the children paint egg outlines and then had them put Easter Stickers inside the painted egg.  We had them color the Easter Baskets.. The website for the basket is posted on the basket.

We traced our kiddos footprint, then their palm print with their four fingers to create this unique little bunny.  Changing the words a little from the song: "Here Comes Peter Cottontail".  I changed the name from Peter to the kiddos names, creating their own special songs.. The kiddos used a cottonball for the bunny tails and colored pink for the bunny ears. We traced around their coloring with a pink marker, they added sticker eyes and we drew the rest of the face.

Using craft foam egg shapes, we had the children decorate their eggs with jewels and sequins.  Before decorating the eggs, I dressed up as the Easter Bunny and took a picture with each kiddo in our class and the young 2 year old class from next door.  We developed and laminated the picture, they chose the color eggs they wanted and we hot glued the picture in the middle of the egg shape, then had the children decorate their egg.  We used tacky glue for the jewels and sequins.  We included the year on the back of each egg.  All 21 children in our class was able to take an egg home to their parents.

We decided to try out hand at dying eggs using shaving cream and food coloring.. At first, we didn't add vinegar to the shaving cream... It didn't dye too well..  Because it looked so plain, I decided to at least draw a smiley face on the eggs.  Melissa didn't like the way it turned out, so she went back (after I had bagged each egg with the kiddo's name upon the bag), opened up the bags and redyed the eggs, this time adding vinegar to the shaving cream mixture and adding more food coloring .. We also recommend using only two brightly colored eggs and not all the 4 colors of the food coloring in the box of 4, so you won't get camouflaged colored eggs.

After re-doing the eggs this is what they turned out to be: (adding the vinegar and more food coloring.. Finally a success that we weren't embarrassed to send home!! Then Melissa poked fun at my smiley faced eggs!!

For our last craft for Easter, we made a Jelly Bean Prayer craft: Hopefully, the second picture will allow you to read the Prayer.  The kiddos painted the cross, and added the jellybeans around the Prayer.

After Easter, we decided to just do a Spring theme of bugs and birds.. This is our caterpillar we used by painting each child's toes.  We added the Bible Verse from 2 Corinthians to complete the craft.

For butterflies, we used a crayon and rubbed across the bottom of our kiddos shoes.  The shoe prints were mostly different and some turned out very cute for butterflies!!  (You have to put the left shoe print on the right side of the butterfly to make the correct butterfly shape) The second picture is an original poem Melissa and I wrote:

Next, we made handprint bumble bees!! Melissa is very good at creating bees! The song we used on the bottom of the crafts.

We had the kiddos paint both sides to this bird pattern and left them upon a string (yarn) so the kiddos could run or bounce their bird around as it were flying.  The bird pattern was cut from poster board and the wings were cut from construction paper.

Last, I want to share what I saw on Pinterest.  It's the five little speckled frogs sitting on a speckled log..
This was made using a Pringles can.  I cleaned the container with some clorox spray when we finished off the chips.  The hard part, (I thought) was finding frogs!! Just when I was about to give up, I decided to check the birthday aisle at Wal-Mart.  They had the little pop eyed frogs.. Of course, there was one to a package with a penguin!! (Guess what my next pop-eyed animal story will be?) I found some contact paper with a woodgrain pattern.  I found velcro.  I came home, attached the contact paper to the can.  Drew some gold spots on the log, attached the velcro to the "log". Loved the idea that inside the Pringles Can the frogs could be stored when not using the story.  I drew "spots" on the frogs with a sharpie.  Then I attached the glue to the bottom of each frog! (NOW, THIS was the hard part!!) I used E600, glue, and the velcro peeled right off.. I used hot glue, oh and that was a flop! I was at my wits end trying to figure out what kind of EXPENSIVE glue I could get to attach velcro to the bottom of those sweet little plastic vinyl frogs.  (At this point, I wasn't actually thinking those frogs were sweet nor precious!) Back to Wal-Mart the next day.. this time, I was gonna find me somebody that knew about glue!! By the way, the ladies at the automotive department didn't have a clue! I figured I'd ask me a CUSTOMER! (Sometimes, they are a bit more helpful!) I didn't just ask one customer, I asked FOUR! Then I went to another Wal-Mart employer and they were absolutely NO HELP once again!! Because, sometimes, I am a visual person, I went to the birthday aisle, picked up a package of the penguins/frogs, picked up velcro, and grabbed me several types of glue.. No telling what people thought of me.. I didn't care.. and I did interrupt several shoppers to ask my question of which glue should I purchase.  (I was polite.. I even said, "Excuse me!" :)  It turned out.. with the aide of facebook and some friends, and with customer's help at Wal-Mart and reading packages of glue, the most recommended was the cheap $1.98 KRAZY GLUE! I came home, it had to set for a good day, but.. IT WORKED! So to save you the trouble of figuring out the glue you may need, let me please save you the trouble!! Needless to say, when I do my Penguins upon the Ice story, I will already know what kind of glue to use.  I did end up using the entire package on my frogs!!  Here is the picture of my 5 speckled frogs sitting on a speckled log.. eating the most delicious bugs.. Yum! Yum...!! ~

I will stop here for tonight.. after this theme was our Spring Break, for in Augusta, Ga, Spring Break, is during the Master's Golf Tournament.  Next blog will be on Weather, then I will be all caught up until next week!!

Many Blessings to all,
Sherry :)

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