Friday, April 26, 2013

Earth Day Week

This week we carried Earth Day all through the week!

We celebrated by making Heart Earth Handprints.  Melissa came up with this idea, and I wrote the Happy Earth Day Song.. It's a little hard to read and definitely adapted from the Happy Birthday Song.  The part you can't really read says, "God Bless You!"

For Tuesday, we made Litter Bugs! I may have gotten the idea here: and just tweaked it a bit.. I saw the idea on a website about a year ago.. We stuffed these with streamers. (Found for birthdays) The strips of streamers were easier for the children to poke into the bottle.  You could also use newspaper strips or circular ads.  (We cleaned the bin of streamers and picked out the tiny pieces that nobody could really use and the crumpled ones that just gather and sit in the bottom of the bag or bins. Last year, we used wiggle eyes for the face, but the kiddos picked them off, so this year, we just drew on the faces for the kiddos since the water bottle lids were so small.  We also used the 8 oz size bottles.  This particular brand had ridges on the bottle which made placing the legs around the bottle a little easier.  The kiddos got to choose which color(s) they wanted to use for the legs and for the inside of the bottle.

For Wednesday, we made Lorax Pictures. Not exactly the pattern I used, but it would work:  We secretly asked each child what they would "save"! We ask them one at a time, so they don't choose the same stuff.  We had a mixture of a little bit of everything... For example they wanted to save the: sand, frogs, tigers, kids (children), clouds, flowers, caterpillars, all the animals, and all the rocks to name a few!

Thursday, we made the doorknob hangers, for we finished all but one Lorax picture.  (We made Lorax pictures for all 21 kiddos.) I tried to find the doorknob hanger used in the picture, but I think they may have taken them down.  However, if you google Earth Day Door Hangers, you will get some that are even better than the ones we made.

On Friday, we made milk jug lid necklaces.  The original idea I saw, they used pony beads.  We just cut up some straws and used those.  I felt it was much safer to use straws with our three year olds!  This was found online. There was even a printable pattern on this one.

For Friday, we also had our last Lorax picture to finish up! All in all, we had a very good week!!
Next week, we will begin on Mother's Day Surprises.  I can't believe there are only 3 more weeks of school.. I have to get off my keester and get busy doing what I need to get done!

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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