Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss can be loads of fun in the classroom! Our kiddos love the silliness and the rhymes that he brings.  With his birthday being March 2nd, we decided to do a full two weeks of Dr. Seuss! We're already working on our second week!!

We started out, doing One Fish, Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!  We made handprint fish and placed them in a fish bowl.

Then we did more handprints, but, this time, it was for Thing 1 and Thing 2!! The kids really liked the characters.  We did find it was easier to omit the ring finger when doing this craft! (For the red bottom!) When these were all done, they certainly had some awesome personality!

Wocket in my Pocket was next on the list! A co-worker was so kind as to draw a wocket for us, a few
years back! Let me tell you, I certainly baby those wockets!! I have three to a page in a notebook in a page protector! She told me just today, that she had forgotten that she had drawn them.  I told her that I would NEVER forget her drawing them for us!! :)  We bingo dabbed the hair of the wocket then watercolored it green.  When it dried, we then cut it out and placed them in the pockets!! The children colored, "There's A Wocket In My Pocket" By: Dr. Seuss.  We put names on the pocket.

We decided to make Cat in the Hat Headbands.  We had a hat shape, then the kiddos glued strips of red paper to the white poster board hat shapes. We just used white sentence strips for the band of the head band.  We also took pictures of each child wearing their headbands.  We also used their name as to who was in the hat.

Even though this book isn't actually a Dr. Seuss book, we decided to go with it.  I enlarged a picture of the critter then traced the outline.  We then had the children decorate the critter with fingerprint spots! I typed up the words, Put Me In The Zoo with some colorful letters.

This concluded our first week of Dr. Seuss!!

As the following week began, we decided to start out with Green Eggs and Ham.  We made deviled eggs and I cut some ham strips and placed them on top! We did go the extra little mile to dye the whites of the eggs green, to go with the yoke mixture!! Most our kids really liked their green eggs and ham!!  We also made a take home craft.  On the rim of the place, we put the child's name and if they liked, didn't like, or wouldn't try the green eggs and ham.  We copied and cut out green hams, then we had the kiddos bingo dab some dots for eggs, we were out of green pom poms at school, (I didn't realize it until the morning of) so we just adapted with cotton balls drizzled with green glitter!

Our next Dr. Seuss craft was Horton Hears a Who! We made a handprint elephant and placed a "clover" in his trunk with a speck on it.  We then typed up the quote that said, "A person's a person no matter how small!"

More to come as the week comes to an end....

Our last three Dr. Seuss crafts to conclude the two weeks!! We read the Foot Book. We stamped a foot onto a foot shape and included a quote from the book! Not real fond of our choice of colors for the feet this year either.  We were a little rushed this day and grabbed what was on hand! Yellow paper and green stamped feet really looked better.  The blue is just too dark for my liking! :)

We had to give our hand with Truffula Trees.  I have to say, I didn't like these as much as last year. This year we used cotton balls, last year we used stuffing.  The stuffing made prettier trees! I will try and see if I have a picture of last years and this. For the trees, we colored the trees using powder tempera.  I think the purple trees this year, were too dark.

Then, one of MY very FAVORITES with an original poem that I created, but using a quote from the book as well.  Next year, my entire class will get a hot air balloon and not just the kiddos that come on one day! This turned out exceptionally well.  I found a hot air balloon picture online, then retraced the parts I wanted to create just an empty hot air balloon.  (The original picture had a boy and girl inside the basket.)  We had the kiddos bingo dab bright colors onto their balloons with the basket being brown.  I found a beautiful sky blue color table cloth at Party City for $1.99 to use as a backdrop! I had the kiddos place their hands in front of them as they were gripping the side of the balloon.  (Some kiddos cooperated and some didn't, but that's okay!) The hands at chest high worked better than stomach high! Cut the balloon out, placed the kiddos pictures in. (We glue everything in with rubber cement because we laminated the pictures!) The poem, we just left copied on white paper.  With a little imagination it represented a cloud.  We did glue everything on a lightweight sky blue color card stock!

We truly had a lot of fun with this.. and can barely wait to try our hand at more Dr. Seuss next year!!
Sherry :)

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