Monday, February 18, 2013

More Valentines Plus

There was more than plenty to celebrate during the week of Valentine's Day!

We started our Monday morning at school, coloring the bears that would go on our Valentine Holder Bags.
Sunday, of this week, was also, the Chinese New Year.  We let the kiddos paint up some large craft sticks.  I found online a picture of the Chinese "Luck" Symbol.  I copied the picture four times onto a piece of copy paper. (I don't like to waste space and our copies are limited at school, the more I can get on one page, the better!) I cut the picture out, had the children help glue down the sticks and everyone got to take home a piece of good luck!

For Tuesday, we continued to have the children color their bears for their valentine holders.  We also decided to pull out some feathers and make some Mardi Gras Masks! Most of the kiddos thought they were super hero masks! (This year, our boys are really into the super hero scene) We were able to take pictures of everyone in their masks for the end of the year!

On Wednesday, we finished up the coloring for the bags. (We have 21 children, and they come on different days! By today, we only had a couple that had to finish up their coloring!) I did have to take a few pictures so we could also finish up our parent picture gift.  We used this day to get a lot of laminating and catching up on everything for our party on Thursday!

Thursday, we did have to laminate about four hearts to finish up our parent gift. We also wrapped some candy kiss roses that the younger two year old teacher surprised our class with as an addition to our heart parent gift.  Everything was completed and we had a very successful Valentine's Party!! We also made some bookmarks for a Senior Group that meets where we work.  The children painted the bookmark, then bingo dabbed the heart.  We placed the child's picture in the middle.  We used a valentine's table cloth for a back drop for the picture.  Wrote: Forever In Your Heart! Under the picture: XOXOXOXOX .. By the time we finished our party, everyone had an awesome bag that was completely overflowing with valentines!! We enjoyed heart shaped turkey and cheese sandwiches along with heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, juice boxes, grapes and strawberries for our party!

Friday, we were able to make the star, You are "cent-sational"! Necklaces from Pinterest! We did hot glue the pennies on the star and the ribbon bow.  The kiddos were able to glue the stars together and glue the heart onto the stars. They also strung the yarn through the star holes of the necklace.  We also took more pictures of the kiddos wearing their necklaces for the end of the year picture cd!

We got a lot accomplished during the week.  Next week, we will look forward to a dental health unit!!
Sherry :)

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