Friday, February 22, 2013

Dental Health!

This week we talked about Dental Health!

We talked how important it was to brush all the sugar bugs from your teeth.  That it's important to have mommy and daddy help floss and brush teeth.  We even talked about one day how we would get wiggly teeth and that the tooth fairy may pay a visit!  Everyone was able to get a free toothbrush and toothpaste packet that some of the teachers at school get in the mail from the Colgate Company!

We had some awesome crafts!

Monday, there was no school for President's Day!

Tuesday, we had the kiddos bingo dab some big bright lips.  Then we glued the lips onto a piece of construction paper.  We then had the kiddos make some fingerprint teeth! We included a little banner that read Brush for a Bright Smile!

For Wednesday, we made one of my original ideas! A long time ago, I found this cute little bug pattern. It looked like a bug, but wasn't very realistic.  I made a copy of it to use for something.  Then I decided to copy the little bug onto yellow paper and glue it on a white tooth.  My idea was to 'brush' away the sugar bugs. Now, we glue three "sugar bugs" onto a white tooth and have the kiddos use toothbrushes dipped in white paint and toothpaste to rid the tooth of sugar bugs!! Then they like to march around the room, chanting, "No More Sugar Bugs!" This is an awesome craft and the kids really love doing it.  The smell of toothpaste mixed with white paint, gives a refreshing smell to the craft as well!!

Thursday, we decided to use a coloring sheet that was given to us by the young two year old teacher.  I think she may have found it on the dltk site!  Not real sure on that!  We cut apart the sheet and had the kiddos glue down the parts and created a "happy" tooth to put beside the toothpaste and toothbrush picture! We thought it looked better this way than just coloring the paper. The song was included on the color page.

Friday, we found a tooth with a big happy face on it.  We had the children glue cotton balls around the edge of the tooth and to color the nose.  We added a song that was sung to the tune of  "Where Is Thumbkin?"
It looks like the tooth has a Santa Beard!! :)

These were easy and simple crafts for the kiddos to do.  We were able to pack a lot into our day and still have the joy for the kids to bring something home!

Here is a picture of the toothbrush kit that was mailed out free from the Colgate Company! It included a DVD, a book to read for home and school, and a little sealed package with a toothbrush and toothpaste for all the kiddos!!  Awesome package for FREE!!  Sometimes you can sign up for your free package too, by going to the Colgate page and clicking on the Bright Smiles Bright Future button.  The kit is delivered to your home or place of work for FREE!! You don't even have to pay for shipping and handling!

For the next two weeks, since there is soooo many things to do, we are going to focus on Dr. Seuss.  We wanted to make sure we cover his birthday, which is March 2nd.

Enjoy your weekend! Enjoy your week!
Many Blessings and Thank you for visiting my blog!
Sherry :)

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