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We are in the middle of January, and suppose to be in the middle of Winter, however, the temperatures say differently.

Of course, last week was the week decided to talk about snow, ice, and being cold. In reality, we were outside in short sleeves and having picnics!!  (Not that I'm really complaining about our mild winter, because, I truly do not like blood freezing weather!)

On Monday, we made a Georgia Snowman! We had the kiddos paint across the bottom of a piece of construction paper with white.  They added a hat, sticker eyes, and a carrot nose anywhere in the paint for a melted snowman!

We included the poem: Georgia Snowman ~ I made a little snowman,with a little hat, the sun came out and melted him, and now my snowman is all so flat!

For Tuesday, we made a pretty big heart from pink construction paper. Inside the heart, we put a pair of mittens with a handprint inside each mittens.  Across the bottom the words read: Cold Hands  Warm Heart!
We laminated this one! It was very cute! We had great reviews from our parents too!

Wednesday, we continued with our winter week by making a doily snowman. We included a little fingerplay for this craft. The words to the fingerplay can be found at: 

On Thursday, we made a cute little penguin.  For this craft, we included a little penguin song that was found floating around the internet.  It is sung to the tune: "Have You Ever Seen A Lassie?" The words are: Have you ever seen a penguin? A penguin? A penguin? Have you ever seen a penguin swim this way and that? Swim this way and that way, and this way and that way? Have you ever seen a penguin swim this way and that? (While singing the song, we sway back and forth to this and that)

Friday, we made a big ole pot of SnOwMaN SoUp! This was originally found on Pinterest.  Since we made it for our Winter Week, I tweaked the saying just a bit and we didn't include the candy cane. We made some   Snowman Soup (Hot Chocolate) in the classroom to give everyone a taste, and we sent a baggie with hot chocolate packs, marshmallows, and some candy kisses for the kiddos to enjoy! The Snowman Soup paper reads: Snowman Soup When the weather outside is frightful, Snowman Soup is delightful. May it warm your heart and soul. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Add hot milk or water, don't forget the marshmallows too! Enjoy the kisses from the snowman to you! Mix well with the packet, sip the soup real slow. Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

This was a like for about half the kiddos.  Most of them hadn't experienced hot drinks before and didn't really care for it.  This may be best for older kiddos.

Normally, my blog stops as our week stops on Friday.  But..... I'm going to stretch this for one more day.  Friday Night, I was looking through Pinterest, (pretty much what I do almost daily) and I discovered, homemade stamps! My brain started working overtime.  I dug a little deeper searching the internet on how to make these homemade rubber stamps. Mind you, I never even thought there were kits out there that could actually be PURCHASED, so you can create your own stamp.  Digging just one more website deeper, I stumbled onto you tube! Glory and behold, there was a lady making a stamp that was right up my alley!!  Then my mind almost went into overload! It was set, I was going to make not only a stamp for MY classroom but for the younger twos classroom as well!  (They are getting used to my projects and have learned not to expect perfection! (Thank goodness for perfect, I am not!) I went on my favorite clipart site:, searched for black and white clipart of a toilet. Yep, you heard me right, a TOILET, aka Potty in my classroom! I found one!! an all black one.  By hitting the ctrl button and holding it down while hitting the P key on my keyboard.  I was able to print this picture of a potty.  This button gives me options to print different sizes.  After the third try, I finally got the size right.. the one that gave the MOST pictures per page, which made my clip art 2 inches tall from top to bottom! Pleased with my little tiny toilet, I cut it out, then cut it out from a small piece of craft foam, to check to see if it was to my liking.  It was! I was really getting excited at this point! I was able to contain my excitement, but there was nothing to be, that I HAD to go to Lowes today. (Saturday) I headed straight for the plumbing aisle.  Searched both of em! Disappointed that I couldn't find the sheet of rubber that I needed. I asked an associate and after he called another associate, we found it!!  (By the way, it's actually called "Rubber Packing Sheet". It comes in two thicknesses.  Of course, I wanted the BEST rubber stamp, so I bought the thicker one. It wasn't easy cutting with scissors, so I do suggest an X-Acto knife!) Then, my brain started working in overtime again. I had to think of something to actually GLUE the rubber to.  Heck, I even had to get GLUE!! I walked up to another associate and asked what would hold the rubber to something either wooden or plastic. Now, she asked, why I would want to glue this rubber to plastic or wood and I told her excitedly that I was gonna make myself a Rubber Stamp! She was a bit hesitant and suggested Gorilla Glue.  She said that would hold together anything! My husband was with me, and he suggested something a little cheaper, Krazy Glue! The Crazy Glue (Super Glue) did work for the most part! (Next time, I probably try Gorilla Glue!) Still have no idea at this point, what I wanted to glue my rubber to! I also have a little table in the classroom made from that pressboard junk, that my kiddos sat on the bottom and broke it right in to. I needed some screws to go into a new piece of 1X4 to keep it sturdy. We went into a little hardware store, in town that sells screws separately.  I only needed four, and at Lowes, I had to buy 6! The hardware store, locally owned, only charged me .16 cents each for four screws.  Being a much smaller store.. I was browsing around looking for something that I could use as a handle for my stamp! Whalllaaaa! I found something called a PVC Bushing.  Well, it seemed to be what I was looking for, but it was hollow.  I was half satisfied.  The bushing was .79 cents! Now, the man in the hardware store, asked what I needed or wanted, and when I told him I was gonna make a homemade rubber stamp, he informed me that people didn't make those, they ordered them.  I told him, why pay $30 for something I could made for $4.00? He argued no more! My mom had given the Grandkids some homemade jewelry our last visit with her. To keep the jewelry from tangling, she place the jewelry into washed medicine bottles!! Hmmmm... I started thinking harder! It was going to work! It was going to work! I came home, cut the potty from the rubber.  Cut another circular piece of rubber to fit the medicine bottle lid. Glued it into place then glued the bushing in the lid for a knob and my stamp was complete! I could barely wait to try it out! Of course there wasn't one to be found at my house, so I called my daughter, she had one! We got together, I tried it out.. it worked! It worked! I finally have my potty stamp!!!  The total cost for my stamp was right at $3.50 each. (I made two) We have two 2 year old classes at work. I have wanted a potty stamp for years. I even ordered one. It was $30! BUT, it was less than an inch!! It was so tiny, you could barely tell it was a potty.  I wanted a potty stamp that when a child looked at their stamp, they would remember WHY they got it in the first place.  FOR GOING POTTY!! I wanted them to be proud when they showed their mommy and/or daddy (or whoever picks them up).  I can barely wait to try it out for real!! Bribary works for going potty, eventually kiddos remember if they go, they get an M&M or a sticker or enough times they get a toy.  It's something different to get a POTTY STAMP!! I will have to let you know how it goes!! :)

I know this blog was a little longer than most..It's a lot of reading.. but I hope something in my blog is useful to you or someone you love!

Love and Blessings,
Sherry :)              

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