Monday, January 21, 2013

Super Stars and Dinosaurs!!

In our classroom, we have homework once a month.  Beginning in September, we send home a shape and the kiddos, with their family, are to decorate items in any manner they wish.  They can paint, they can color, they can coat it with stickers, even pictures! When they do their homework, they bring it back to school and this becomes decorations for our classroom!  We start out with circles, move on squares, then rectangles, triangles and this month we have stars!

With stars come Super Stars!! We cut out a large star from poster board. We have the children sponge paint smaller stars upon the star cut out, and we take pictures of the kiddos wearing sparkly star glasses purchased from the Dollar Tree.  A lot of fun and Parents LOVE it!! We chose to do two days of Super Stars.  We wanted each child in our class to get one.  We had three five to carry over throughout the rest of the week, only because the laminator ate two of our projects! I was able to get three stars from a piece of poster board.  Needing 22, I luckily had two stars to spare! (I have 21 students, one comes from a broken home, so we make sure mom and dad get one!)

The rest of the week we made dinosaurs.  (Our version anyway!) The first one, someone asked if was a decorated pickle!! We traced the shoe and cut it from green paper.  We gave the kiddos a choice if they wanted to make a Shoeceratop or a Shoegasaurus.  Then they got to choose if they wanted their dinosaur to lay across the paper or stand up on the paper.  They got to decide if their dinosaur was to have a long tail or a short tail.  There were lots of decisions with this project.  After that was decided, they were allowed to decorate their dinosaurs using some shape stickers we had on hand.  Then one by one, we asked if they would name their dinosaur.  (You have to secretly ask questions or they will all have the same answers!) After deciding on names, they were asked what their dinosaur liked to eat! The answers were a hoot!

For Thursday, we made the handprint stegosaurus that I found online!  With this activity, we typed up a little piece of the "We Are The Dinosaurs" Song. When listening to the song, it's not quite exact!  The dinosaur on this page was watercolored, but our green was so light, we went over it with another green tempera paint.  The hands were stamped using a big green washable stamp pad! We tweaked it just a little.

Friday, we finished up our dinosaurs with a little dinosaur that was hatching from his egg.  They bingo dabbed the dinosaur and I found a Dino Ditty Ditty Dum Ditty Do Song! The kiddos LOVED the song and didn't want to stop dancing!  (Hmmm, does this mean Older Music is the REAL dance music??) Of course, this song is sung to the tune: "Do Wah Diddy Diddy) This was found online at .. Again, we tweaked it just a little.

For the most, we had a true blast!! It was fun, we used our brains, and we were able to get some energy out dancing and stomping like dinosaurs! We play Laurie Berkner's Band CD a lot in our classroom "Whaddaya Think of That?" One of the songs, on this cd we use a LOT! It's called "We Are The Dinosaurs"

Our next projects will be all about BEARS! :)

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