Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!

We have finally started back to school for the year 2013! We started back, January 2nd.  We had three days to create crafts for the New Year!!

By now, you should recognize that we are all about some feet and hands.. we just had to include those in our crafts this week! You know, ya just can't have a new year, without a noise maker!!  :)

This is what we decided ~

Wednesday, we traced hand prints onto colored paper surrounding the poem.  This was one of my Pinterest finds! We had the kiddos glue down their hands on festive star paper from the Dollar Tree. (This paper is pretty thin, so we backed this with purple construction paper! The poem reads: The New Year is a time to say I'll use my hands in every way.. To do good deeds and spread good cheer, For all the people I hold dear. This template can be found at

Thursday, we made our Happy New Year Noise Makers.  We had the kiddos lightly paint over the words Happy New Year.  They were already made into a circle, we just had to cut those out.  I used card stock to make the circle a little better.  Then using the star hole punch, we punched holes to each side of the circle and tied small jingle bells using white curling ribbon. We attached with a stapler to a colored craft stick. Our noise makers weren't too awfully noisy for the ride home from school! This particular noise maker happens to belong to my Granddaughter. She hadn't started back to school yet, so she has been my helper for the last three days!! With her being older, she was able to do her name in special dot letters all by herself! She's in first grade!

Friday, we painted everyone's feet.  We placed the foot prints upon some festive paper bought from the Dollar Tree and then backed it with yellow construction paper!  I took a close-up picture of the poem so it can be read easily.  We have also, in the past, done this craft using FOUR handprints of multi colors and then placing the year in each palm print.  (2 on one hand, 0 on the next hand, 1 on the next.. of course whatever year it may be for the number on the last hand print.) I already have the words Happy New Year and the poem together on one page.. all we had to do was add the year!

Next week, we will talk about winter! Now, here in Georgia, it's hard to teach Winter when you have Spring Like Temperatures!!  (Not that I'm complaining, I like non-icy winters for myself!! My blood doesn't freeze and I don't mind getting out of bed in the mornings!)

Blessings until next week!!
Sherry :)  aka Sherbees

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