Friday, January 25, 2013

A Successful Bear Week!!

This work week was a little short, Monday, being Martin Luther King Day, we didn't have to go to school.

Our Bear Week began on Tuesday! We had fun this week... Because I search Pinterest so much, I found a couple cooking activities that I knew we had to try.. I have such fabulous parents!! Anytime I ask for something they are right there to help us out!  I'd like to give a big shout out to my parents.  We have NEVER had a bad group of parents the entire time I have been at our Mother's Day Out and Preschool Program!!  Everyone is so willing to help out in any type of way!!

Tuesday, we made the painted paper plate teddy bear.  I typed up one form of the Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear poem and we attached it to the front of the bear's tummy.  The kiddos painted a 6 and 9 inch paper plate.  We stapled the two together. The kiddos then placed the muzzle on the face.  We drew a nose, mouth and eyes this time.  Then the kiddos were asked if they wanted a Super Star Bear (Hands up) or a Huggy Bear (Hands out).  It was a good half and half mix on how they wanted their bears! The kiddos also put the ears together.. Everyone had a hand in gluing!

Wednesday, we made a Teddy Bear Headband.  I had the pattern tucked away in a notebook.  They bingo dabbed the bears with the exception of the ears and they painted those! I had both the female and male bears.  We also were able to watch the big kids parade down the hall with their special teddy bears for their annual teddy bear parade!!  For some reason, we forgot to take a picture of the female version of this bear, the only difference is the female is wearing the bow in her "hair" instead at the neck.

Thursday, we made the Teddy Bear Toast that has been floating around Pinterest the last couple of months.  We had two versions.  We used honey wheat bread, toasted it in toasters, then the kiddos had a choice of peanut butter or butter with some cinnamon and a pinch of sugar.  We used banana slices for the ears and muzzle. We had raisins for eyes and a raisin nose.  Most chose the cinnamon and sugar.  We made this about fifteen minutes AFTER eating lunch.. and some of those little kiddos STILL ate 2 1/2 pieces of toast!! (For seconds I only gave one slice of banana, 2 raisins, and a half piece of bread. Teddy Bear Toast was AWESOME! It's definitely a keeper!!! For our toast, we graphed in a 3 year old way.. If we liked the toast, and which one we liked best.  I know it's a lot of pictures, but they were super cute! We had the kiddos to paint a little outlined teddy bear, had the kiddos place the eyes and we just drew on the features. At Target, I found some adhesive wiggle eyes, so we decided to give them a try on the graph.

Friday, we made the teddy bear race cars.  The original post on Pinterest said to use milky way mini fun size candy bars... My daughter, Melissa, came up with the idea of using Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies! Let me tell you!! This was a FABULOUS IDEA!!  6 Brownies come in one box.  They already come with the line in them for breaking in half.  Using a plastic knife, I cut the one brownie into 4! You actually get 24 Brownies per one box of Cosmic Brownies!!  The brownie was just soft enough for the kiddos to push in a Teddy Graham Cracker.  I asked for the Honey ones.  My one parent that brought in this item, said her husband had picked them up for her and he commented there were only 50 different kinds of teddy grahams.  He chose the MINI Honey Teddy Grahams.  At first, I boosted my lips out a little and was hoping they would work! LET me tell you! Not only did they work, but next year, I will ask for them by name!!! They were the PERFECT size bears for our little racing cars.  For wheels we used M&M's, to "glue" them onto the brownie, I had a tube of pink frosting that was never opened or used for my Granddaughter's Birthday Cake.  I figured there was no need in wasting an entire can container of frosting to only use a little bit.  I chose the star tip to the frosting (one reason because I couldn't find the little writing tip) Now.. You could omit the M&M's if you want, the star tipped frosting was cute enough to leave them off.  We wanted ours to look complete and to look like little wheels so we chose to leave the M&M's!! They were fun to make, Cute to look at (with all the bright colors) and delicious to eat!! I don't believe we had one child that didn't eat their brownie bear race car!! We also graphed this one as well.  I forgot to take a picture of a completed one. (Sorry!) I wrote a little poem to go with our activity and found a coloring picture online of a bear driving a car.  The kiddos colored the bear driving the car. We circled if they liked it or not. I did print these on a diamond colored (Dollar Tree) we call it fancy paper. I took a picture of the bear driving the car from my computer monitor.. (Sorry for the smearing of my monitor, I have Grandkids and it's probably NOT the cleanest!!)  If you have any suggestions of how to actually clean a flat screen monitor I'm all eyes! Mind you that paper is regular sized, my lovely monitor won't show a full piece of paper when typing in Microsoft Word! That's the purpose for two pictures!

Today, Friday, was a bit cold out, so we also made Bear Hugs, using a Bear Paw Print and I typed up in a cute bear font, "A Big Bear Hug Just For You!" The Bear Hug pictures will only post sideways, so sorry about this!! I found some bear claw paw prints on We painted the kiddos palm of their hand and used their fingerprints for the claw paw prints.  They colored the Words then I folded a piece of construction paper accordion style and stapled to both the paw and the colored words creating a bear hug.

This weekend I will get busy to make our items needed for next week.  We have a Super Bowl Theme the week before the Super Bowl!! We are looking forward to our football week!! :) More to come on this! :)

Many  Blessings until next time!
Sherry :)

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