Saturday, November 3, 2012

H-A-Double L-O-W-Double E-N spells Halloween!!

Well, I had my blog all typed out.. Had a little distraction and have to leave the computer and of course.. as it usually does when you don't save something.. Pooof! Gone! I came back to the computer, had another window in front of the blog, and closed everything out!!  I was trying to get this posted at least ON Halloween!  Now everyone is posting Thanksgiving ideas and I'm last on the totem pole with Halloween!

Enough of the pity party!  We just go with Plan B and start all over again!!  :)

We had an awesome 8 days before our big celebration at school.

For Monday, we started out with the Christian Jack-O-Lantern.  We had the children glue on the pieces from the Christian Jack-O-Lantern Poem accordingly.  For a personal touch we included a handprint leaf!

Tuesday through Thursday, we decorated our Fun-Fest Bags! This is an original idea as far as I know from Melissa and myself.  To my knowledge, I have not seen another bad made quite like this one!  It took us three days to make the bags because our children come to school different days! To make sure each child in the classroom had a bag, we had to stretch this craft!  Prep for this craft takes a little time.  Fringing one bag, then folding it over gluing another bag inside. Then poking holes in the first bag on the sides, placing reinforcements on each side of the hole and then tying the curling ribbon to form a handle is  quite time consuming but well worth it in the long run! We cut out the hats and allowed the children to pick their colors, then we matched the name with the color hat using markers.  The kiddos glued on the large wiggle eyes and the noses.  (Noses were cut from black construction paper)  The scarecrow bags turn out very cute and we had a lot of compliments on them!!  Melissa just drew on the big happy smile! The hat is attached to the second bag which is glued in the folded bag.

Friday, we finished the week with a Christian Door Knob hanger.  This was made from black construction paper, curling ribbon to hang. The pieces were typed up on the computer.  I found the Jack-O-Lantern picture on under black and white clip art!  We had the children bingo dab their Jack-O-Lanterns with orange and green.  Then we put some gold glitter glue inside the face to help with the shine.  My granddaughter made the one in the picture, and she just colored hers. (That works too!)

Monday, we stamped hands and feet and created bats. This idea was found on Pinterest!  We did place a little song on each person's bat picture!  The kiddos placed the sticker eyes to give each bat some extraordinary personality!!

Tuesday, we just made a little spooky hand.  We used a latex free, powder free glove.  Filled the tips of the gloves with candy corn, then the rest with popcorn.  Each child got to pick out their very own spider ring and each glove had a cute little friendly ghost with the child's name.  This turned out very cute.  I've never made them before now.  I have seen them done, just hadn't done one myself!  This little craft is all over the internet!  

Wednesday, our day of celebrations! First we went to each classroom door and paraded our costumes and used our manners upon leaving the classroom for treats (candy or trinkets) We did this first thing upon dropping children off asking parents if they could stay with their child throughout this event. Later in the day, we had a lunch party.  We had pizza, apple slices, gold fish, and juice boxes!!  The kiddos LOVED their special lunch!!  Immediately following lunch, we decorated some pumpkin cookies, had a pumpkin story, then back to the table for mini pumpkin decorating!!  Our party was AWESOME!!  This is a picture of Melissa and me! I'm the purple crayon and she is the pink kitty!!

Thursday, we decided to finish up the week with fall decorations.  We painted an acorn! Added a little gold glitter glue for a little shine and cracked our acorns to accommodate the Acorn Song!

Friday, we cut out some leaves from coffee filters.  We had the children color the leaf filters with markers (red, yellow, brown, and orange) Then we allowed them to trigger spray water upon the filter leaves to make the colors bleed together.  We glued these down on construction paper with a little song about leaves to the tune of London Brides!

Next week, we will continue with a fall theme!  Soon to start on Thanksgiving!!  :)
Until then, we hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

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