Friday, November 16, 2012


Although I'm a little late with my blogging this time and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, (next week) I decided to make my fall post.  The one I was supposed to make a week after Halloween!!  :)

The Thursday after Halloween, we began our fall stuff! We had a good 7 days of fall crafts.

On Thursday, we painted an acorn and included a little song to go with it.  We kept things a little simple.  I think everyone was recouping from a busy night before!! Even through that, we didn't forget to crack our nut!!  That was done with a little gold glitter glue!

For Friday, we decided to make some coffee filter leaves.  We found a little song and included it with the fall colored leaves.  We had the children color with markers then we sprayed the colored coffee filters with water to make the colors bleed together!

Monday, we made a Happy Fall mobile.  We bingo dabbed a fall leaf cut from card stock. I typed up Happy and Fall. I know I took a picture of this, but it's somewhere out in cyberspace on a camera card from somewhere.  Tonight, I just don't have it.  :(  I will try and locate a picture, and post it a little later! :)

Later came! Melissa was babysitting one of our kiddos and they still had it hanging up, so she captured a picture. It's not the best picture, but now, actually remember exactly what we did!! I did type up Happy and Fall in the largest outline font that would fit on one line.  They kiddos bingo dabbed the letters, then we cut them out.  They painted a leaf.  We mounted the letters on brown construction paper, then hung the painted leaf in the middle of both pieces of brown construction paper!! This was a little work, but did turn out cute!

Tuesday was a lot of fun, we made edible acorns! We used a milk chocolate chip, whipped milk chocolate frosting, a miniature nutter butter cookie and a hershey kiss for each acorn.  We allowed the kiddos to make two each and this they took home!  I created our own poem for this one.  The acorn font was found free online.

Wednesday, we hooked up with the other two year old classroom and painted some bread with a little tiny bit of milk and some food coloring! The children LOVED this.  Then we put the bread in the toaster, toasted it and used a leaf cookie cutter to make the leafy toast.  As the cookie cutter cut through the bread it made a crunching sound.  We told the children that's how dried leaves sound when they step on them.  (Don't use too much milk or the bread will become very soggy.  We also used brand new paint brushes for this because we didn't want the children eating old paint!! :) We placed the milk and food coloring in a muffin tin.  We knew we couldn't send the toast home. So we decorated a leaf cut from card stock.  Some of the children wanted more toast!  I'm not sure if they liked painting it or eating it most!! :)

Then on Thursday, we decided to make a little leafy squirrel. The kiddos painted a squirrel, with bingo dabbers, then we added a little poem on the side. When it was nice and dry, They put sticker eyes upon the squirrel giving him lots of personality.  The bingo dabber gave the squirrel a more furry look.

On Friday, we painted hands and feet once again!  This time to make a crow from them.  This craft was found online!  The song, we tweaked until we got it to say what we wanted!!

Next blog will show our Thanksgiving Crafts!!

Until then, may you be Blessed with an awesome week!!
Sherry :)

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