Saturday, October 20, 2012

Minding Our Manners!!

This last week at school, Melissa and I decided to do a theme on Manners.

Well let me tell you, there aren't a lot of things out there on Manners for a two and three year old!
We put our brains to work, and came up with things that we could do. Some of the children really caught on!  Our thoughts were to at least introduce them to manners. We showed them how to say "Please" and "Thank You" in sign language.  We read numerous books and figured out some crafts for them. We wrote a song and some poems to go with the craft ideas.  It was a little bit of a challenge, for we had to use our noggin's to think about what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it!!

For Monday, we made a little mouse.  This was found at This is an awesome site and has been used a lot in our classroom! We love sticker eyes, they give such personality to the crafts!! The children painted 1/3 of a piece of white construction paper, pink. Then 2/3 of the same paper gray.  We used the template off the site and cut out the pieces.  We opted to draw on whiskers and of course to use the sticker eyes. This poem was found on the site.

Tuesday, we have to have an easy craft.  This is the day we go to Chapel with the big kids.  We found a Please and Thank You song and bingo dabbed the words Please and Thank You.  I think I had this poem already in my giant notebook that I created a few years back! I found a font that I could make huge that was in bubble letter form so the bingo dabbers would work best.

Wednesday, we made Bumble Bees!  I typed up the words, Be Nice, Be Polite, Be A Good Friend. I am a font person, so I found a font with bees buzzing around the letters. The children helped with the gluing. The stripes on the bumble bees were created by using the sides of the children's hands. (They held their hands in a chopping motion and we stamped the side) Of course, the wings are tracings of their precious little hands. We chose wiggle eyes on this one, so the antennas would look better.  They are made from half a pipe cleaner, then folded in half again and bent on the edges. We stapled those down behind the head so they would hold better. Melissa did choose to color in the stinger with a black sharpie.

Thursday, we came up with Not chewing with your mouth open.  This song we made up and craft.  I had a picture from an old book of a boy with a big opened mouth. (Actually it was a tooth craft) we had the children color the little boy and then from a grocery sales paper, we cut pictures of food and the children glued them inside the big mouth.  They all agreed that we shouldn't chew with our mouths open.

Friday, I wrote up a little poem, that actually we could use as a felt board story about pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.  We figured this would kick off our Halloween and Fall Crafts for the following week.  For my feltboard stories, I included the poem.  I also tweaked it a little and have it for apples in an apple tree, and monkeys swinging in the tree.  I did this, for repetition is what teaches the children! We painted the child's palm and just a little bit of their middle finger to make the pumpkins. Melissa drew in some vines and leaves after they were glued onto the paper, creating the pumpkin patch.

Next week, we will start on Halloween and Fall Crafts!!
Sherry :)

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