Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fire Safety

October is a very busy month!  Breast Cancer Awareness, Fire Safety Month, Violence Awareness, Christopher Columbus Day, Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many other little Festivals in between!

This month has been very busy for us (at home) so far!  We kicked off the month by attending a Stop The Violence Rally.  My Granddaughter's Daddy was shot and killed after a home invasion in his own home on July 10, 2010.  My Granddaughter was only 4 years.  Her Daddy would have been 31 years old on his Birthday, October 1st. The police still have no clue who took this young man's life.  To help keep his memory alive, we attended the rally and a candle light vigil was held immediately afterward.

We kicked off October in our classroom with Fire Safety.  We did have some fun with this theme!
Monday, we started off with learning Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll.  We dipped yarn pieces in orange, red, and yellow paint and placed it on a construction paper cut out of a t-shirt.  We folded the "shirt" in half, pressing down to create "flames".  Then we had the children color the words: If your clothes catch on fire,
Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll.  Stop what you're doing, Drop to the floor, Cover your eyes, and Roll and Roll and Roll!!

Tuesday, we made a cute little firetruck from shapes.  We typed up the Barney Song - "Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck"

Wednesday and Thursday, we had developed some pictures, that were taken with the children pretending to be firemen in our fire truck tent.  We made a dalmation fire dog and turned him into a picture frame!  The spots on the ears, are fingerprints of the child. We laminated this project and made sure the entire class got one.  This was actually a two day project to make sure everyone got them. (Permission was granted for us to use this picture!)

Friday, we concluded with a paper plate smoke detector with a reminder for mom and dad's to check the batteries in their smoke detectors at home.  This craft was very simple, especially compared to some that we have done in the past.  The children had fun making them, some of them called them machines and balls, so we really had to explain what a smoke detector does in a home.

Next week, we will make a Christopher Columbus Ship and continue the rest of the week with a Noah's Ark theme.

Many Blessings until then...
Sherry :)

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