Saturday, October 13, 2012

Christopher Columbus & Noah's Ark

This week at school, we celebrated Christopher Columbus Day.  Some of the kiddos understood a little of the concept.  Most didn't.  But that's okay.. it's still an honor to introduce them to parts of our history. We made "The Ship in a Bottle". For this, we used the "famous quote".

The rest of the week we told parts of the Noah's Ark Bible Story.

With Tuesday, the animals marched two by two inside the ark.  (I forgot to take a picture of this craft, so I threw one together the following day! I didn't have any extra songs typed up or copied at work, sorry.) We built the ark from basic shapes, then added animal stickers. I found this searching around on Pinterest.  The original pinner used rainbow animals.  We had some stickers and decided to make things a little easier. We did add the song:
The Animals Marched
(tune “The Ants Go Marching”)

The animals marched on two by two hurrah, hurrah!
The animals marched on two by two hurrah, hurrah!
The animals marched on two by two,
On Noah’s ark they made a zoo!
And they all went marching on- to the ark- to get out- of the rain,
Boom, boom, boom….

Wednesday, the rain began.  We colored a picture of Noah's Ark, then added fingerprints for the rain. I found a coloring sheet online.

On Thursday, we made a handprint dove.  We laminated this one! I found the saying online.  I've had this a while and not exactly sure where I found it.  (That goes for the dove as well!)

For Friday, we made the rainbow.  We added the "Rainbow Is A Promise" Song.  We cut our paper plate into a cloud shape.  Then we had the kids tape down the appropriate streamers.  They really had a lot of fun dancing around with our Rainbows!

See you next week with Manners!!
Many Blessings!

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