Saturday, September 22, 2012

Down on the Farm!

This week, we went down to the farm!

We had a blast with this theme!!  The children loved singing Old Mc___ (I changed the name from McDonald, to each of the kiddos names). They got to choose whatever they wanted on their farms.. We had alligator farms, a buzzy bee farm, down to animals that are really seen on the farm!!  We read books and sang songs about "Little Ducky Duddle"!!

Monday we were busy making Chicks.  The kiddos painted a small "cheapie" paper plate, yellow.  We had them place tape on the back of our chicks to hold the feathers and legs. (The legs are just accordion folded orange construction paper.) We found a cute little song to go with our craft, online. They added sticker eyes.  We glued the beaks.

Tuesday, we just couldn't resist, we had to do yet another footprint craft!!  This time, we made a pig with our tootsies!!  We typed up the "This Little Piggy" Nursery Rhyme.

Wednesday, we decided to go with the Purple Cows! The kiddos watercolored a cow purple.  Some purple glitter was added in some spots. (the water color, on most, weren't so bright, so we wanted to make it shine!! We typed up the poem by Gelett Burgess and had the kiddos color that part of their page. Then we preceded to make Purple Cows to eat!  We gave each child in a clear punch cup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and poured grape soda on top.  EVERY child LOVED their Purple Cows! We took a survey as to who liked their treats. Everyone got a purple cow stamp for liking and practically licking their cups clean!!

Thursday, we painted the kiddos hands to discover, we really didn't like the white handprints, they were too light for the green paper we chose for this craft.  We scratched the painted hands.. and we decided to trace each child's hand onto white construction  paper.  Then we did use the white paint for the head and the legs!
I found a little cock-a-doodle poem that was stashed in one of my notebooks.  I am sure it was found online somewhere years ago!

Friday, we just cut out a red barn, had the children color farmers any way they wanted, and then placed a hand print cow and horse on the page.

The kiddos are really having a lot of fun at school.  Actually, I'm not 100% sure who is having the most fun, the kiddos or Melissa and me!  We truly LOVE our job and are so proud to be able to PLAY for a job.  The hugs, the kisses, the high fives, and tens are so rewarding.  We are so fortunate to work in a  place where we can actually nurture kiddos.  If they fall down, we can hug, cuddle, and kiss those boo-boos away.  We're allowed to take pictures and show our fun!  With the technology today, when someone cries at drop-off, we are able to send pictures to mom or dad to show how quickly they calm down and join in the fun.  We are two very lucky gals!!

Next week, we will have fun with apples!!  September 26th, is Johnny Appleseed's Birthday!!

Sherry :)

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