Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Apple A Day

As most of you know, Johnny Appleseed's birthday was Wednesday, Sept. 26th!  With that in mind, we chose to have an apple theme this week.

The kiddos really enjoyed the apple theme.  We certainly kept busy, that's for sure!!

Usually, we make up our poems, but this time, I found a whole bunch on , so we decided to just use the ones from here for most of the week.

For Monday, we chose to make a coffee filter apple! This turned out so awesome. We had the children color their coffee filter with red, yellow, and green markers. Then we wet the coffee filter just a bit to make the colors run.  The original post for this was found on Pinterest and on this website: It really turned out cute. Someone even posted on a comment that it would be cute made (using different colors of course) for a leaf craft!

Tuesday, we chose for the kiddos to make an apple craft, showing what was inside an apple.  We had them use the bingo dabbers to go around the edge of the apple (red) then with a green bingo dabber, they bingo dabbed the leaf green.  The stem was colored brown.  Then inside the middle of the apple, we had the kiddos dip their finger onto a black stamp pad and made some fingerprint seeds.

Wednesday, we actually did two different crafts!! We made the Johnny Appleseed headband, that resembled a pot.  For the headband, we changed Johnny's  name for the children's names.  We also had each child make an apple print onto an apple sheet along with the Johnny Appleseed Prayer!! After the craft making, we sliced up some apples and gave everyone a snack!! This was a busy day, but, loads of fun!! Hey see that mighty colorful table and chairs (Behind that tree is a table and it has four very colorful animal chairs.)  I'll have to get a picture of that for next week.. anyway.. It was donated to our classroom from a former student and his family!! Thank you very much to the Perry Family for that!!  :)  WE LOVE IT! I made an extra headband for Miya and brought it home for her to model! I didn't want to put one of my class kiddos on the blog, especially without permission!!!!  :)

Thursday, we couldn't go a week without a handprint and footprint craft! We created apple trees!!  Parents loved them!! We used the foot as the trunk, hands for the leaves on the tree, and drops of red glitter glue for the shiny apples.  I found a picture of an apple basket online (clipart) and placed the pictures on a page and we cut them out to sit at the bottom of the "tree"!  We added a poem.  Adorable!!

Friday, we made an artwork holder.  The apple was painted red, bingo dabbed the leaf green, and painted the stem of the apple brown.  We included everyone's name on the leaf and the year.  Melissa hot glued a clothespin to the back of the painted apple and I adhered some magnetic strips to each clothespin.  We did discover the magnetic buttons work much better than the magnetic strip. The buttons are stronger magnets! I posted a picture of the strip and the buttons.  On each apple we put the words: Look What I Did! Oops, I think I may have written two different things on the apples.. This one says, "Look what I made!"   :)  Probably another distraction!!  Oh well, either works!!

October will bring lots of fun to the classroom! We're very excited. Join us next week to see how we began our month! A little hint for homework we will have a square!!  :)  We will return all our circle homework to replace it with the squares! I'll have to grab a picture of some of our circles that came back for homework, the first week of school!!  We had a fabulous turn out.. there were 20 returned out of 21!!

Blessings until next week!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Down on the Farm!

This week, we went down to the farm!

We had a blast with this theme!!  The children loved singing Old Mc___ (I changed the name from McDonald, to each of the kiddos names). They got to choose whatever they wanted on their farms.. We had alligator farms, a buzzy bee farm, down to animals that are really seen on the farm!!  We read books and sang songs about "Little Ducky Duddle"!!

Monday we were busy making Chicks.  The kiddos painted a small "cheapie" paper plate, yellow.  We had them place tape on the back of our chicks to hold the feathers and legs. (The legs are just accordion folded orange construction paper.) We found a cute little song to go with our craft, online. They added sticker eyes.  We glued the beaks.

Tuesday, we just couldn't resist, we had to do yet another footprint craft!!  This time, we made a pig with our tootsies!!  We typed up the "This Little Piggy" Nursery Rhyme.

Wednesday, we decided to go with the Purple Cows! The kiddos watercolored a cow purple.  Some purple glitter was added in some spots. (the water color, on most, weren't so bright, so we wanted to make it shine!! We typed up the poem by Gelett Burgess and had the kiddos color that part of their page. Then we preceded to make Purple Cows to eat!  We gave each child in a clear punch cup, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and poured grape soda on top.  EVERY child LOVED their Purple Cows! We took a survey as to who liked their treats. Everyone got a purple cow stamp for liking and practically licking their cups clean!!

Thursday, we painted the kiddos hands to discover, we really didn't like the white handprints, they were too light for the green paper we chose for this craft.  We scratched the painted hands.. and we decided to trace each child's hand onto white construction  paper.  Then we did use the white paint for the head and the legs!
I found a little cock-a-doodle poem that was stashed in one of my notebooks.  I am sure it was found online somewhere years ago!

Friday, we just cut out a red barn, had the children color farmers any way they wanted, and then placed a hand print cow and horse on the page.

The kiddos are really having a lot of fun at school.  Actually, I'm not 100% sure who is having the most fun, the kiddos or Melissa and me!  We truly LOVE our job and are so proud to be able to PLAY for a job.  The hugs, the kisses, the high fives, and tens are so rewarding.  We are so fortunate to work in a  place where we can actually nurture kiddos.  If they fall down, we can hug, cuddle, and kiss those boo-boos away.  We're allowed to take pictures and show our fun!  With the technology today, when someone cries at drop-off, we are able to send pictures to mom or dad to show how quickly they calm down and join in the fun.  We are two very lucky gals!!

Next week, we will have fun with apples!!  September 26th, is Johnny Appleseed's Birthday!!

Sherry :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Forest Theme

For our second week of school, Melissa and I chose a forest theme.  We chose this theme, because it's the theme we chose for our classroom.

Our children are absolutely precious and we couldn't be more proud of them.  They are truly adjusting well and we can't wait to see what this year has in store for us all!!

I am so excited!!! I was on Pinterest.. again.. and discovered a fabulous site.. I was almost drooling!! It wasn't recipes this time, but.. it was a site full of "special stories"!! Both felt and magnetic!!!  Oh my stars, I was looking through the site and glory and be hold, I was soo glad it was the day before pay day!!  I did find a couple new things I could make.. and I found some interchangeable items... but before I got off that site, I placed my order!!  I am anxiously awaiting my delivery!!  I got the confirmation email just today.. She said she will be shipping my order in 2 weeks.. Usually I don't rush time, but... Jeepers, I can't wait till that stuff gets here and I am able to share my new stuff with the class!!  This is the first year, I am trying my hand at magnetic stories, so I hope the kiddos like it as well as the felt board!!  Before I'm finished with one story on the felt board, they are already asking for another. They also absolutely love my Little Old Lady That Swallowed A Fly story! As I've mentioned before, my little old lady cries at the end.  We try hard not to have tragedies in our classroom!!

For Monday, we chose to make a footprint bear!!  I found the bear from Pinterest at a fabulous hand and foot print site!  We certainly hope our Parents do not get tired of hand print and foot print crafts! We love them!!  For we know, one day, those little hands and feet will be all grown up!!  The years go fast!!

Here's a picture of the Foot Print Bear - The song says: The Bear Went Through the Forest - The bear went through the forest, the bear went through the forest, the bear went through the forest and all he found was me! All he found was me! All he that he could see! The bear when through the forest. The bear went through the forest. The bear went through the forest, and all he found was me!!

On Tuesday, September 11! We chose to make an Eagle Puppet.  This poem is an original from Melissa and myself.  We do have the talent in putting our heads together and creating poems!  We're grateful to have a computer in our classroom for these special moments!!  I'm so Blessed to be able to work with my Daughter!!! We did take time to remember this special day for our Country! We didn't go into a whole lot of details, because we knew our children would discover this sad day in due time.  We did talk about the Eagle being our National Bird and how special September 11 was to many people.  We said a simple Prayer for the day just so we could remember in our hearts!!

Here's the picture of the Eagle bag puppet. Templates can be found at We use this site very often!!  The poem says: In the forest where eagles fly. Our National Bird, high in the sky.  This eagle is here to say, "God Bless the USA!" On this special day! Remembering 9/11

For Wednesday, we had the kiddos paint a mouse.  The mouse was made of ovals! They really like to paint!  We have found we cover more of the page, if we have them paint first then cut it out.  They painted the page with gray paint. The kiddos added sticker eyes.  We found a poem and tweaked it just a bit: Mice - I think mice are rather nice. Their tails are long, their faces small. They haven't any chin at all.  Their ears are pink, their teeth are white. They run about the forest at night. They nibble things they shouldn't touch. And no one seems to like them much. But "I" think mice are nice.

Thursday, we made the foot and hand prints porcupine!!  This turned out to be a very cute craft!! Thank you Pinterest!! The poem I googled early before school.  Once again, the internet came to my rescue!! Prickly Little Porcupine - Sung to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - Prickly little porcupine. Please don't poke me with your spine.  OUCH!!

Friday, the last day of the week!  We made a racoon mask! This paper plate craft was once again, found on Pinterest!  We didn't use a poem for the mask, but we were able to take a picture of each child holding their mask!!  This little guy placed his eyes ever so carefully on his mask!

Next week, we will head to the FARM!!!

Hope everyone is Blessed with an awesome week!! See you, hopefully on Friday!

Friday, September 7, 2012

School Is In! School Is In!!

Glory and behold, I thought this week would never get here!!  We have finally just completed our first week of school!!  We have an awesome class! Our kiddos are smart and are so eager to learn more!

It's going to be an awesome year, I can feel it!!

The first day of school (which took three days to catch everyone's first day) we made a set of handprints.  The poem was printed on some school paper I found at the Dollar Tree.  We backed the paper with yellow construction paper, because we have found that sometimes using the cheaper paper, it can be rather flimsy. The original post, I found on Pinterest.  I did change the poem just a bit.  This one says: Here are my hands with ten fingers in all. My artwork from school to hang on the wall. As years go by, we'll remember and say, "My hands and and I had an awesome first day!"

We also made some Grandparent's Day surprises for the kiddos to take home.  We made two Grandparent Surprises per child.  The paper used for this craft was a little thicker and didn't need the backing! This too was found on Pinterest.  I didn't use the rainbow hand like the original post, but I did use their poem.  We figured the paper was busy enough that we needed to use a plain hand print!  This one says: A Grandchild's Hand - The promise for tomorrow And the hopes of dreams come true. A reminder of the childhood, That is a part of you...  The wonder of a miracle From which this love began.  There is so much found in the touch of a Grandchild's hand.

We were also able to take a couple sets of pictures and begin on our Me Books!  After making the copies, and completing the September parts, I realized I had TRULY goofed up!! I had us leaving school in AUGUST instead of MAY!  So everything we have already done, half of it is already wrong!!  UGH!!  I have a fix in mind, so it won't be a complete waste!!

Next week's theme is to finish up the beginning of the year part of the Me Books, and to begin our Forest Theme!!  See you then!! :)