Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Headed to the Zoo!

I know I created a post.. it's floating out there in cyber space! I thought I had hit save.. I discovered I was missing one of our craft pictures so I attempted to come back later.. This is later.. and the posting is nowhere to be found.. Sooo... We just start over!!  :)

We finally got back in school.  This is the second week of our Summer Fun Session 2!!  We're having to push back the calendar a bit to July 23rd, 25th, and 26th.  We only attended school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays during the summer!

Monday, for our first day back after being off a week, we used a rubber bouncy ball and painted stripes on a zebra.  The kiddos love watching the stripes being created before their eyes.  We placed the plain white zebra inside a plastic container.  We put the rubber ball into black paint, then we had the kiddos shake the container back and forth while watching the ball create stripes.  Now granted the stripes didn't go just one way like a real zebra, but, they certainly had a lot of fun making them their own way!! The saying around the edge says:  Stripes on a Zebra enjoyed by all - These were created by using a ball!  Sticker eyes always give such personality to our crafts.

Wednesday, we made the koala footprints.  We found this online through Pinterest!  Ours is a little different than what was posted. To me, they kinda favored Sid from the Ice Age Movie!!

Thursday, we made some fingerprint giraffes!  We had the kiddos paint a giraffe yellow.  Then we had them place finger into brown paint to create the spots all over the giraffe.  Some kiddos had more spots than others.  They had a lot of fun with this and then we had them place sticker eyes of their choice on their giraffe!

Coming up next will be our summer theme!!  :)

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