Wednesday, August 29, 2012

End of Summer!!

We chose a summer theme for our last week of school.  We left it abroad, so we could just pick and choose anything that pertained to summer as we ended our Summer Fun Sessions!

On a good note, the last day of school, we were able to change out the bulletin board, do a craft, and just clean up a little around the room.  We only had 7 children, and one of those was my 4 1/2 year old (because at 4 you have to add that!) Granddaughter.  She likes to play teacher, so she kept the kiddos very well entertained.

On the sad note.. This was our LAST day of SUMMER FUN!!  I don't like last day of school.  I get "School Sick" very easily!!  In fact, I must have been on a roll, for I have printed and copied my parent letter, copied our Spanish Sheets, and come home to have a class list that contains parents names and addresses and how many and what days the kiddo is attending school.  I also put on the computer my class list for outside the door.  I didn't print those, because they are subjected to change at any given time!! Now, all I have to do is the dreaded who can share a hook outside the door and my email class list!  I think I've got a head start on getting back to school in September!!

As for our summer theme.  We made, barefoot footprints!  We had to have one more set of footprints before summer ended!!

The second day, we made handprint crabs!  One just can't complete a summer without these!!

The third day, we made some cute little sunshines and I hope I remembered to take a picture!!
Unfortunately, I didn't remember to take the picture.  :(    This makes me sad.

See you when school starts back in September!!

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