Thursday, July 12, 2012

We finally got back to school after being off for the Fourth of July.  I'm sad to say, we're off next week, because where we work, the school is having an annual event.

This week, we had a duck theme! The kids pretended to be ducks.  We made duck crafts, and during special story time (felt board stories) I made sure to include some of my duck stuff.  They really like the duck story "Are You My Mommy?" My story time is very animated and I include the kiddos as much as possible. Honestly, these kiddos will actually SIT for 30 - 45 minutes when telling stories!!  Hey.. this sounds like a blog in itself!!!  :)  Now I know what to blog on during August when I'm off work for 3 weeks!!

Oh yeah, back to ducks... I guess I'm easily distracted.  However, I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with my Granddaughter pulling my hair out trying to give me a makeover while I"m typing!!  Not to mention my husband coming in and asking if I can pay a bill tomorrow.. Ducks! Ducks!!  :)

Monday, we made duck prints! I'm hoping you are asking how this is done.  We took a spatula that I bought from The Dollar Tree a few years back.  I think it's a must to have the slit holes in it.  We took a sponge and dabbed orange paint onto the spatula. (Actually the kiddos helped with this) Then we had them press the spatula down on white construction paper. Each child made three prints.  I typed up in a funky font, (Sorry I don't know the name of it!) Duck Prints Here; Duck Prints There; Duck Prints Everywhere!  Melissa and I are notorious for creating extra work for ourselves.  We cut the prints out and glued them down on construction paper.  We also used scrapbook scissors and cut out the saying then backed it with construction paper.  It just looks better!  Usually we have the kiddos glue everything down, this little group of kiddos aren't quite used to the gluing yet and they just push our hand down.  Unfortunately the crafts look like we did it all.  I personally like the duck prints all over the page more so than in uniform!  I just like them going all over the place!!  :)

Wednesday, (Because we're off on Tuesdays) we made a paper plate duck, we put jumbo craft sticks on the bottom of the plates so we could dance and wobble our ducks! We typed up our version of "Little Ducky Duddle".  We had the kiddos push our hands down to glue the song to the back of the plate!  I took this picture inside a roll of paper towels so it would stand upright.. You can't see the stick.  The bill is made by having the kiddos paint half of a "cheapie" white paper plate after folding it.  We stapled it to another white plate.  This person decided to put their eyes in the right spot. I should have taken pictures of some of the wilder spirited ones!  Some chose to put their eyes on the orange part and some all over.  They have such character when they aren't so uniform! Just in case the song isn't clear, it says: Little Ducky Duddle; went swimming in a puddle; A puddle, a puddle quite small; He said it didn't matter; how much he splished and splattered; I'm only a ducky after all; Quack! Quack!  When singing the song, you pretend to swim; shake your finger back and forth for not mattering, pat your legs to make a splish and splatter sound, point to yourself proudly while being a duck and of course Quack with Flare! If you really need to fill in some time, and after your kiddos have heard it a few times, you can oink, moo, bark, or meow to the last part.  The kids will think you have gone bonkers and correct you.  Of course you have to sing the song over until you get it right!!

Thursday, we made some cute little handprint ducks! We didn't put a poem or saying on this one.  This little duck was holding an umbrella, splashing through a puddle, while it was raining around him. (or her!) Very cute!  Maybe in the future, this one can be our Little Ducky Duddle, for in the song, he splashes in a puddle!!
We had the kiddos color their umbrellas any way they wanted.  The rain drops were nothing but their own fingerprints. The water was sparkly paint done with a brush. The dot eye and wing embellishment were used by a black sharpie and the orange legs and beak was made by an orange sharpie.

When we get back to school week after next, we will head to the Zoo! Then our last week of Summer Fun, we will just do some summer crafts to finish up!

Blessings until next time!!

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