Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I know it isn't my normal blog!  But I am proud to announce I finished my "Trashcan Little Old Lady"!

I saw on Pinterest a while back, about someone using a small swing mouthed trash can and turning it
into a little old lady to tell the story of The Little Old Lady That Swallowed A Fly Immediately, I wanted
to try this.  My kiddos at school LOVE felt board stories and visuals!

I was on the look out for a cheap trash can.  I thought I'd found the perfect one at the Dollar Tree.  A Preschool Teacher's Dream Store!!  Well, glory and behold, all I could find were the lids, no bottoms!!

I went, not to long ago to meet my mom half way between us for her birthday, and we just happened to stop in at their local Dollar Tree, because, You never give up the opportunity to visit A Dollar Tree from another town.  I was checking out, when my eyes caught the brightly colored TRASH CANS!!  Oh my stars, I thought I'd won the lottery!!

I picked up two of em, not real sure why, but I did!!

Well, in careful contemplating and finally getting to our local Dollar Tree, this is what I came up with!! The glasses were $1.00, the hat and bunch of flowers were each $1.00 and the skirt was found in the toy dept for, Yep, you guessed it.. $1.00!!!  I have a total trashcan included $5.00.. Pretty cool huh???

I am so excited now, to find the animals to complete my story.  My goal is to be finished with this by the time school starts back in September!!!  I couldn't be more excited!!

Many Blessings till next time (In a couple days.. with my Zoo Blog!!)

Sherry :)

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