Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week Before Father's Day Sunday

I'd like to dedicate this post to my own Dad! My daddy went to be with Jesus and received his Angel Wings on June 19, 2001.  He was a good man, and I vowed to try and live up to his expectations and be like him.  Oh I know there were days I slipped, but, I know He guided me back to where I need to be!

We were so busy at school this week.  (Honestly, even some of last week, it's when we started our crafts. One reason for starting this, was we had one child that wasn't going to be at school this week, and we really didn't want to leave him nor his dad out on Father's Day items!)  We just got an early start and had his things completed last week.  The bucket loads of rain that we had last week, allowed us to get this done without taking away from the other kiddos in class!

We had a few things already chosen for our items, but, I'm gonna say, Pinterest just had more! Instead of replacing them, we added to our list!!!

The first thing we did, was to take pictures of each child.  I really started this on the first day of school last week.  I wanted to make sure I had plenty time to get every child in the class.  (We only have 15, and I knew it wouldn't be too difficult, but I really like being prepared!) had some really cool Father's Day Poems and templates.  I printed up a handprint one that also talked about smiles.  We attached the picture in the corner, with the poem to it's side and put handprints on the bottom of the page.  We will call this one Project 1.  This particular craft was also geared to a couple of our Granddads that play a very important role to kiddos in our room.  We made one for Grandpa and one for Dad! (Not for everyone, just the Grampas we see at school almost every single day!)

We also had the children color some "suppose to be" blue ribbons.  They chose their own colors and we backed the award ribbon on blue after we cut it out.  This will be Project 2.

Now, you know, you can't have handprints without footprints!  I found a while back a poem about Daddy's Role.  I'm not sure where I found it, but, I know it was online.  I did retype the poem to switch the words he/she; him/her to keep things personal.  It's not that hard to figure how many girls and how many boys that need the particular poem.  Although the first time we did it this week.  Melissa didn't read the poem and placed a girl's foot print on a boy's poem.  Oh well, it wasn't that hard to restamp the foot onto the right poem and make another copy!! We will call this, Project 3.

Years ago, I found a little questionnaire. It said at the top: "What I Know About My Daddy".  I may have found this online or in a project book.  I'm really not sure where.  I keep a notebook of my crafts and this was in the notebook.  (When you teach for nearly 20 years, you learn real quick to save stuff to notebooks in page protectors!!) Secretly, we asked each child the set of questions.  This year, you would have thought we asked in front of each other, because even being days apart before we could catch each child, they almost all said their daddy's were as handsome as a cow! Now I guess in the mind of a 2 year old and some 3 year olds, cows must be the most handsome animal!!  Other than the thing that made them laugh the most was daddy tickling them, most had different and quite interesting answers!!  This is one of our favorite things to do, because no matter what age, it's just plain cute!! We had them color the fishing clipart, with their choice of colors!  We did refrain from a lot of black, because you just can't see the pictures sometimes when they color hard.  This will be called Project 4.

I think I found in an art project book, a toilet paper roll covered or painted red and made to resemble a stick of dynamite! (We chose to cover ours with red construction paper.)  I used a smoke font, and typed up: One Dynamite Dad.  I was able to fit two of these on a page.  Somewhere online I found a list of treats for dad.  Beside each treat there was pun to go with it.  We made a copy of the "treat" list and stapled it to the sandwich bag which contained the treats.  We then placed the treats inside each toilet paper roll.  This project was kinda a double project in itself.  This too, we catered to the two Granpas! I just retyped the Dad word and personalized it to what the two boys called their Granpas.  One was Pop and the other was Papa.  That wasn't too awful hard, just a little tiny work on my part.  I also made sure the bag of treats said, "Treats for Pop" and "Treats for Papa" I didn't want them to get stuff that said, "Dad!" However it did say Happy Father's Day!  This would be Project 5!

I mentioned earlier, that thanks to Pinterest, we added a project. I saw where a mom had dipped dad's shoe in paint then placed her child's footprint inside the shoe print.  I thought this was just precious! Not all mom's came through for me, so I think I had three children that didn't get this craft.  No, I didn't dip dad's shoe in paint or ask the mom's to do it.  I simplified it just a little.  I had mom or child, either bring in one of dad's shoes or just trace around one at home.  Some brought in traced shoes and a couple brought in actual shoes.  Now one of my Grampas said, "Oh, and we have a shoe for you! I'm not real sure why we needed to bring in just one of Dad's shoes, but, we have it!" I looked at him and said, "Oh THAT is AWESOME! It's just what we need!" Then I told him, sometimes, I'd like to be a fly on the wall or even a person of interest looking in our windows, because there is absolutely NO TELLING, what we may request or what compromising position one may see.  He laughed and went on his way.  Probably more confused than when he came.  We made sure dads got all their shoes back.  We retraced all shoes on the same paper and had the kiddos paint them.  We cut the prints out.  On another sheet of paper, we stamped the children's feet that  brought in a shoe or print of one.  We then glued Dad's shoe onto a large piece of construction paper. Then we placed that tiny stamped foot in the middle of dad's.  Again, on the site, there it was! The same Footprint poem that was used on the Pinterest Pin! This time, I copied the template in black and white (the handprint one, I copied in color, I wanted them a little different!) We had the children color the little foot print border that came with the copy (again, their choice of colors) and placed the poem to the side of the daddy and child footprint!  I wrote on top of the poem on the construction paper: Happy Father's Day, Daddy! I love you! Placing the child's name underneath I love you.  On the bottom of the shoe/foot prints, I wrote on the Construction Paper: June 2012.  This would be Project 6! This, I can honestly say is where we stopped! I'm sure we could have just skipped the "Under the Sea" theme and just started out with Father's Day items! We could have easily added a few more projects!  :)  Oh how I love saved projects and the internet!!

We have access to lamination at work. We decided to laminate all our projects for safe keeping. Oops, we didn't laminate the dynamite! That would have made it even harder to keep it on the rolls! We probably didn't do these projects in the same exact order that I posted, because, with kiddos coming different days, we couldn't do one specific item on a certain day.  We had to complete them as we went through the week.

We certainly hope you have a very Happy Father's Day. Please, if you get the chance, while you can to tell your dad that you love him! For one day, that chance may be gone.

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