Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fourth of July

I know it isn't quite the Fourth of July! Heck it isn't even July yet!  At school, we celebrated our Fourth of July this week! For next week, the actual date, we are out of school!  This week was busy for the entire school.  On Sunday, Lakendra was asked to create some posters for the annual Fourth of July Parade! She was so proud to make those poster signs! She created three different ones.  She had a little help with the glitter part and some spelling. For the most she found what she wanted to do. She found a picture on Pinterest of handprint fireworks, and she went to work!

The week before, we took pictures of the kiddos.  (I know, we LOVE picture crafts and have found the parents do too! When you can get 16 photos for $1.00, why not??  At CVS, you can create a collage of 4 different pictures that are 2 inches by 3 inches.  We use this size a lot, you can also get 2 pictures on one 4X6 photo sheet.  You still get only charged for 1 picture.  LOVE IT!
With our photo craft, we also painted the children's hands in the form of the flag.  We put everything on printed paper from Wal-Mart! It was awesome!! I made sure to have photos of each child, most come different days, so we started the handprints on Monday in hopes to have everyone done by Thursday! All were done, with the exception of twin boys that had been sick and their mom decided to keep them home.  We will catch them up when they get back in school.  (It was too cute of a project for the two of them to miss!) Of course, we laminated this project.

Wednesday, we gave the kiddos some stripes and we gave them some stars that we punched out and had them make a stars and stripes collage.  Now, we didn't expect them to actually look like the American Flag, but we did use white construction paper as the background and gave them red stripes with some red and blue stars.  We did our little magic with a cute little poem that I created.  I used the stars and stripes font and randomly chose words from the poem turning them either blue or red. AWESOME!!

The picture of this poem is a little hard to read, it says: It's not just red or white or blue; It's our pride and joy too!; The stripes are there for me and you; The stripes are there for me and you.; It all comes together, for it's true.; The beautiful stars just make it right.; Oh my goodness, what a sight!

Thursday, the Big kids of the school had their parade.  We got to go out to the curb in the school parking lot.  Very safe, I promise! We cheered the big kids on! Our little class really enjoyed it! After the parade, we went in and had freeze pops!!

Before the parade, we made handprint fireworks.  I found the original pattern on Pinterest! From previous years of teaching, I have created a HUGE notebook with themed crafts, fingerplays, poems, and songs.  Glory behold there was a song about fireworks that was sang to the tune of "Row Row Row Your Boat"! I can honestly say, these were sooo cute!

We are off work next week.  I will take a break from the blogging and picture taking! But one thing for sure, I will be back!!  :)

Before I go, I'd like to give a shout out to Melissa! She will celebrate her 28th Birthday on Tuesday, July 3rd! I love working with you Melissa but most of all, I'm so proud to be your Mom!!

Happy Safe and Fun Fourth of July! Happy Birthday, Melissa and you too USA!

Many Blessings,
Sherry :)

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