Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finally Back to School!

I was so glad to get back to school that I forgot to BLOG about it!! Can you believe it???

The thing about forgetting to blog is that I also forgot to take pictures of the "stuff we did"!

Scrambling around and wondering how I could "fix" the sudden problem wasn't quite as difficult as I thought it would be!! (Kinda!)

We had the fish theme going on for when we started our "Summer Fun" Classes!  The first craft we did was the famous "Handprint Fish".  We placed the handprint onto some really cute fish and ocean paper that was found at the Dollar Tree.  Since it was our first craft, and it was a handprint craft too, we decided to laminate these.  Was a huge success, the parents absolutely loved them!

(Sorry, this is the ONE that I don't have a picture of!) You will have to only imagine!!  :)  I did get a  picture of the blank paper that I purchased from the Dollar Tree!!

The second craft that we did when we got back to school was a sea star!  Since I learned that a star fish isn't suppose to be called a fish and it's suppose to be called a sea star, I didn't want to mislead our kiddos, so I changed the words in the song to say what I needed it to say.  Thankfully, one of my kiddos left their project at school and I was able to get a picture of this when I realized I had forgotten to take pictures!

The third craft we made for our "Under the Sea" theme, was a big purple balloon headed octopus.  The legs were a paper plate cut (actually into almost a flower shape) leaving 8 legs!  The kids LOVED this one.  We had them color the plate purple then I tried to cut the best colored parts!  I got this picture, because my lovely Granddaughters wanted to make one of these too! (Balloon projects are just inviting that way) One of the granddaughters, took hers with her, but left it in the hot car! (Let me tell ya, heat and blown up balloons aren't a very good combo, for her octopus had a shrunken head!!) Lakendra had left her octopus at school in the air conditioning, now, after three days, it was showing a little shrinkage, but it was picture manageable!

The following week we made Father's Day Projects.  We were actually able to get a little headstart this week, because we suddenly had a lot of rain, and had a lot of time for some rainy day projects!!   :)

Blessings until the next blog!

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