Friday, June 22, 2012

Butterflies & Bugs

This week was bug/butterfly week at school.  I'm really ready to get back to school for regular days.  Three days just isn't enough to satisfy classroom needs! I really love my job and love being in the classroom.  I won't complain, for I am grateful for even the three or four days that I am there during the summer too!

On Monday, we made shoe print butterflies!  These were cute and awesome!  Of course, we had to laminate these for safe keeping!! We had the children take their shoes off and we rubbed crayons on a sheet of construction paper over the shoes.  Some of the children had some pretty interesting shoe prints! Monday morning I put my brain to work and came up with the shoe print butterfly poem.  (Of course on Thursday, while making lunch, I found Miya's that we made last year, with a different poem that we came up with!! Nothing like racking your brain first thing on a Monday Morning!!) I will include both poems.  I believe Melissa came up with the one from last year.  We both LOVE creating little poems to accommodate our crafts!

The poem from last year is: It's not just a butterfly you see; It's very special made by me! The wings that fly in the sky of blue; are only prints made from my shoe!  

On Wednesday, we made a firefly.  This didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped, but the kids had a lot of fun painting the bodies and glittering the tail lights!  We just used aluminum foil for the wings.  I found this template on line, but for the life of me, I can't remember from where.  I think I may have found it on Pinterest. I think what I would do next year, is give the bodies more color! I think they are a little bland.  I can say, they definitely have personality!!! The fire fly song was found online!

Thursday, we had the kiddos paint some fly swatter prints.  Then they stamped on some bugs and some fingerprints, which Melissa turned into bugs!  This was pretty cute. The fly swatter painting came from an idea from Pinterest.  The bugs and such to the craft, Melissa and I decided to add.

Next week, we will work on fourth of July items!!  There is just no telling what we will come up with!!

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