Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Week!

Oh what fun we had this week!! Busy, Oh YEAH! But way worth the time and effort that it took to get through this week with success!!  Even through all the fun, it's still in the back of my head that next week is our very last week of school for this school year! Of course, we still have plenty to do and hope and Pray we get it all finished!!  :)

Oh yeah, back to what we did this week!  (So easily side tracked!) This week, was all about .. Mom! I have to admit, we started taking pictures and getting things prepared for this week, so they would be ready to send home.  There were a few days, I stayed a little after work, to make sure some of the busy stuff got finished!

On Monday, we asked the kiddos questions about their mom.  They answered as honestly as they could!  :)  When asked how old mom was, one little guy said, "Oh my Mom is really old, because Daddy said so! She's 10 years old!" Now we hope we didn't get dad put in the doghouse, with that comment!!  They colored the side that said, I Love You!

On Tuesday, we made a Loopy Flower.  I saw this on Pinterest, but as a bulletin board display! We just individualized it! We had the children paint an entire sheet of white construction paper using sparkly yellow finger paint.  When it dried, I cut into strips and then made a flower design with the loops.  We stamped handprints using the green stamp pad for the leaves to the flower and had a construction paper stem.  We added a flower poem.  We used a picture that we took and placed it in the center of the flower! It was adorable!  The Flower Poem: I am your little flower, Mom     Please help me grow and bloom;    Take the weeds, but leave the roots     And give me lots of room.    (Next Verse)  Mom, you are my gardener;     My sunshine and my rain        Too much will make me wither     With enough, I'll bloom again.        (Next Verse)   I am your little flower, Mom       I'm different from the rest;      Don't pick me Mom, just help me grow          To be my very best.

For Wednesday, we stamped everyone's handprint onto a pretty printed computer paper that was picked up at Big Lots for $1.00.  The top read.. This is the hand you dearly hold while I'm only 3 years old!

Thursday, I had cut out some card stock in 8X10 Rectangles (in case mommy wanted to frame it) and we made the fingerprint flower. I think it may be a hyacinth. We used the three fingers for the leaves, then drew up a stem and then place purple fingerprints up the stem then back down the other side.  Previously, I took pictures of the kiddos with their moms.  We placed the picture in the picture frame and at the top, I had typed up "My Mom is the Greatest!" (Next Line) I typed, Happy Mother's Day, Mommy, I love you!! The bottom of the frame, we placed the year.

We laminated as much as we could so it would last!  Everything was so cute, we made sure every child got every craft for the week. The only problem we had was when a couple kiddos didn't make it to school.  You might so, that's no big deal, but, at our school, I have children that come 1 day a week, 2 days a week, 3, 4, and then 5 days!  Believe me, some days was definitely a challenge!

Friday, if you recall, is a different kind of day for us.  We combine younger twos with older twos with older twos.  Of course, by now, most of them are 3, there are still a few that are 2.  Last Friday, we traced as many footprints as possible, by today, we had everyone's footprint with the exception of two children.  Not so bad! We quickly traced their feet and cut them out. We carefully taped them down to a piece of card stock (I didn't cut it to size for a frame) The kiddos painted all over their footprints with pink, yellow, and green paint.  I lifted up the footprints to have them show up on the cardstock white! (Now mind you, with little kiddos, they weren't perfect and some paint got into where it wasn't suppose to be, which was expected!) For the most, they did an awesome job! At the top, I typed up  "Please walk slower, Mommy," said a child so small. "I'm walking in your footsteps and I don't want to fall!" At the bottom, I had typed up Happy Mother's Day and the class and year. This actually turned out better than I expected.  Our Mommies LOVED all their precious little treasures!!

In all, we wrapped up an AWESOME week!! Everyone left happy, which made us happy!
Until next week...  Blessings and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you!!!!

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