Friday, May 4, 2012

Catch Up Week at School

I'm getting here kinda late tonight.. What a busy busy schedule!!  This week, at school, we had a catch up week.

We caught up on that train project, and a couple of the bus projects.  We also got mostly caught up on our Spanish Folders that we have worked on all year.  We decided what we were going to do for Mother's Day Projects and we took pictures this week.  Lots of pictures!!  It's so hard for me to believe that we will be out of school in just 9 more short days!!!
We still have one more project to catch up on, and next week will be all about Mom!!

I only have a new train picture to post this week and our Sombrero we made on Friday, in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

Next week, we will be back in the swing of things and have some cool Mother's Day Stuff to post!  We won't have any crafts the last week of school, for kiddos all come and go on different days.

I won't have anything to blog nor post til our Summer Class starts on Monday, June 4th!!  Actually, that's not entirely true... Summer Classes start June 4th and we only work 3 days a week.  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I really won't have anything to post until either Thursday, June 7th or Friday, June 8th!!!  That's a long time to go!!

Here's this year's picture of our train  project:

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Here's our Sombrero.  The kiddos had some fun applying glue stick glue and putting the pom poms on the edge.  It's not exactly like the original post, but, with my free hand pattern, it was definitely my best!!

Have an awesome week!! Happy Early Mother's Day to all that apply!!  :)

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