Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Will The Weather Be?

We are finally off Spring Break! It has been a long two weeks of no blogging!!  The children seemed
to be ready to get back to school. Probably a few parents too! I know we sure were!!

This week at school we talked all about the weather.

On Monday, we talked about some rain.  We did use this from Pinterest.  Especially liked the cotton ball rain clouds at the top.  I had the poem tucked away in a notebook.  The umbrella pattern I used from "The Biggie Book of Patterns" set from Scholastic.  I just shrunk the pattern.  We had the kiddos color the umbrellas any kind of way they wished. I chose a raindrop font for the song.

On Tuesday, we talked about the sunshine.  This too, was found on Pinterest.  We just used the stamp pad for the handprints instead of cutting them all out from construction paper.  We really wanted to add parts of the "Mr Sun" song, but, we just ran out of time and I forgot to type it at home to bring in.  We were going to put that on the back of the sun shine picture.

On Wednesday, we talked how when the raindrops see the sunshine, we get rainbows!! This rainbow craft was on Pinterest.  We added the "Rainbow Song" and used streamer paper for the cloud instead of cotton balls.  (This was Melissa's idea!!) This song is typed the way we sing it, here in the SOUTH!  :)  It may look different to someone that doesn't understand that southern drawl!!

On Thursday, we went back to rain, for this idea was just too cute not to do.  This one, I think, Melissa and I created.  If this craft is out there somewhere and it wasn't one we thought of, we do apologize for taking the credit for it.  Sometimes, we will search the web and find cute little songs or fingerplays and come up with our own stuff.  This is one of those times.  We found the song "Zim Bam  Zim Bam Zim Bam Bee" and thought this would fit. We first cut out a cloud shape from poster board, had the children paint the cloud gray. While paint was still wet we added a little bit of silver glitter. Then added the song to the front of the cloud and attached with tape, silver tinsel. (We got a whole bag at the Dollar Tree where the gift wrap section is. For 13 children we didn't even go through an entire bag,) You can also use boxed icicles from Christmas.  If you buy them after Christmas, you can probably get a good deal.  You would just have to remember where you put them until you use them!

On Friday, we made Glob Blob Clouds.  Again, I found a cute little cloud song to add to the cloudy picture. I'm not quite sure why this first picture has decided to turn itself, I took it the correct way on my camera.  Oh well, at least you can see the different clouds!!


Some of these ideas were found on Pinterest.  A lot of times, we just tweak them just a little to fit our needs.

Next week, we are going Green for Earth Day!!  :)

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