Friday, April 27, 2012

Transportation Week

This week was all about transportation!  This was a lot of fun for us.  A little bit of work, especially trying to make sure the necessary pictures were taken.  We still have one more transportation project up our sleeve, which we will definitely finish up next week!!

Monday: We made MONSTER TRUCKS!  The kiddos painted a rectangle and we cut out the body of the truck from the rectangle.  I found the monster truck online. We didn't use a doughnut, instead I traced a circle from a cup and cut it out with some scrapbook scissors.  We had the kiddos place the tires under the truck template.  We also used aluminum foil circles to make hubcaps!  I think, Melissa and I made up the song by changing words to another song to fit our needs!  We're pretty good about coming up with poems and songs when we need them.  (These pictures were not taken sideways, but, for some reason they all want to post this way.. Sorry, I don't know how to fix the problem! Any suggestions will greatly be appreciated!)

Tuesday: This is the day the kiddos painted a rocket ship.  We also painted a closed finger handprint red and and yellow, keeping portions of it red, portions yellow, and mixing the two to make a little orange as well for the flame from the rocket ship.  The kiddos glued on the Blasting through the stars song, we glued the rocket ship with the handprint, then the children added some sticker stars throughout.

Wednesday: We made a little car out of semi-circles. Found the craft online at I'm pretty sure we found the Vroom Vroom song too online somewhere just not real sure where!! The semi circles were all painted by the children. We cut them out from white card stock.  Melissa and I glued down the car parts, allowing the kiddos to glue down the wheels and the song.

Thursday: Oh my stars! This day we finished up our buses. We knew this one would take a while to complete. I took a picture of our awesome director and had her to wave for the picture.  We made her the bus driver.  Then, I took a picture of Melissa to make her a passenger on the bus.  We took a picture of each child so they too could be a passenger on the bus, and Bless her heart, Lakendra took a picture of me one day after school. I think we took about 7 different  pictures until I was satisfied with the right one, and then I was still a little skeptical! I too, could be a passenger on the bus.  We started painting buses last week.  We used some sparkly finger paint.  Then I cut one from poster board and and the paper one the children painted.  We placed all the pictures where we thought they should go.  I wrote the year on the side of the bus (like it was the bus number). I labeled who was who under the appropriate picture.  Then I rubber cemented the bus with the pictures to the poster board and Melissa headed to the office to laminate them.  Everyone really seemed to like our bus pictures!! They had lots of character because, as some of you may know, taking pictures of 3 year olds, truly isn't always an easy job.  (I did get permission from the mother of this child before posting this picture online.)

Friday: If I'm not mistaken, I think I saw this craft in the Oriental Trading Catalog.  We didn't use foam, we just used construction paper.  I typed up the Stop, Slow, and Go sentences and drew a circle around them.  Today, the children colored red, yellow, and green in the appropriate circles. Laurie, Ashley (Laurie's Daughter), and I cut the circles after they were colored and we had the children place the circles on the traffic light.  I sat with them and told them we were making a traffic light, and told them if the circle I was giving them went on the top, middle, or bottom.  They didn't get them straight (I didn't expect them to) but they are in order.  Fridays, we have to keep things kind of simple to accommodate the children, for we mix classes with older two year olds and younger two year olds.

A week ago, we stamped each child's hand without fingers and all throughout this week, we had the children to water color a train engine.  We started taking some pictures last week and all throughout this week, trying to catch everyone.  I am still missing 1 picture to finish up this craft.  This one kinda takes us to put together and glue down.  Everyone gets a train engine with their child's picture as the engineer and then the cars to the train will the engineer's friends palms.  We have a black bingo dabber that is kind of small in diameter.  (I purchased from my favorite place to shop for school, The Dollar Tree!) We will have the children dab the dabber under each palm to create train wheels!  We will also laminate this one.  Lakendra made one two years ago when she would come from her class, one day after school.  I will take a picture of hers to give you an idea what will go home next week.  I hope to finish these up. The only difference will be the cars, we just used her handprint on her own train.  Sorry about the lighting on this one, my hallway doesn't have the best, hopefully you can tell the details and know what I'm talking about.)

With just three short weeks left of school.  Next week will be a catch up week.  We won't have a specific theme but we will finish up our Spanish Folder that we have worked on all through the year.  We will also start on our Mother's Day items.  The following week, will be all geared up towards Mother's Day!  Then we will be faced with the last week of school!!  Luckily for us, our Summer Fun Program will begin in the few short weeks after school ends.  So I can continue to blog!  Only downfall, Summer Fun is only offered 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I personally, would LOVE to see it Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  This would free up Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays to do things with the family and actually feel like you have a little extra time.  (Melissa and I work on Sundays too, so when you are off on a Tuesday then a Friday and Saturday, time flies by and you feel like you really didn't get a break!)

May you all have a joyous weekend and week next week.  Until next time!

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