Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day Week

All I can say about this week is WOW! Oh what fun we had "going green"!
All week, we did a craft about Earth Day!  We really had a lot of fun!!

It's hard to believe we are on the down stretch of this school year!
This is definitely NOT my favorite time of year.  I don't like saying goodbye to my precious little ones and
even to my dear parents that make our classroom a success!!

Monday, we made our traditional, Save The Earth Pictures!  The children colored an earth picture. We painted everyone's handprints with blue and green paint. When dry, we had the kiddos glue their handprints and the "Save Our Earth" Sign.  We glued down the earth in hopes to get it centered. (That didn't always work!)  I have to add a thank you to one of my Mom's from the classroom.  I forgot to take a picture of this craft on Monday, and she graciously emailed me her daughter's picture!! Thank's Mrs. Raber!!  :)

Tuesday, we made that cute little owl that has been circulating through Pinterest.  We stamped the kiddo's hands instead of tracing and cutting out. We also had the kiddos glue on the 'Give a Hoot; Don't Pollute' sayings.

Wednesday, we used that famous mustache pattern that has been floating around.  We also used the back of a paper plate and bingo dabbed the blue and green to look like an earth.  (We also had the children actually paint a couple of them. (our dabber messed up)  I typed up for the top of the picture: Lorax _______ and then at the bottom of the picture I finished the sentence by saying: Wants to save the _________!! Underneath I added: April 2012.  This REALLY turned out adorable!!  We also let the kiddos paint themselves a mustache to take home on a small craft stick.  We backed the picture, laminated it, and attached it to the paper plate earth.  This was tooo cute, should I say so myself!! I may have forgotten to mention that we took a picture of each kiddo holding the mustache up to their noses!

Thursday, we made the most awesome litter bugs.  We used some old crumpled streamers that were in the bottom of the streamer bin that nobody would every want to use for windsocks or any other craft.  We let the kiddos pick out their favorite colored pipe cleaners and used those for bug legs and antennas. I will say, the fatter thicker pipe cleaners worked best for the legs, they stood up best!  We recycled some water bottles that the girls take to school.  They were the shorter, fatter bottles. I think they held 8 ounces.

Friday, we decided to make Earth Day Sugar Cookies.  Honestly, we used the pre-made pillsbury ones.  There were 24 in a package.  :)  However, we may have touched a little history with these, for we experienced why someone would think the world was flat!  (These would have been the ones that touched the side of the pan and just didn't circle out.)  Amazing enough, although they weren't the prettiest, the kiddos really didn't care.  They wanted to sprinkle on the sugar sprinkles and dig into the cookies!!  We have a small toaster oven in our class, and that's what we used to bake the cookies.  Of course, the batches stretched to three, where it would have possibly been one if we had access to a larger oven with a larger pan!

Over all our week was a complete success!!!  We had fun, and that's what counts!!  Next week, we will be all about transportation!!  We have a few surprises up our sleeve on this one!!

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