Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Week

Wow, what a busy week this week!

Melissa and I decided to do a week of St. Patrick's Day Crafts at school!

Monday, we made "Puffy Shamrocks". We had the children paint a large white sheet of construction paper green.  Stapled the edges. Added our poem. Stuffed with poly-fiber-fil. Stapling to close.

Tuesday, the children painted a shamrock with a half blown up balloon.  A poem was added and we finished up lickety split!  The children were amazed how the balloon could be used as a painting tool!  (We like the balloon because it leaves a cool print on the picture)

Wednesday, one of Melissa's friends, Jamie, discovered on Pinterest, the leprechaun! Our kiddos loved painting the paper plate, and especially sticking on the eye stickers.  We had to do the cutting around the plate, but the kiddos had a lot of fun bending and playing with the "beard" of the leprechaun!

Wednesday night, we stuffed plastic Easter Eggs with a toy trinket and tootsie rolls for Miya's class! Another thing to check off our list for this month.

Thursday, we kept things a little simple.  This craft started out as a mobile project off Shelley Lovett, is awesome! She has a lot of ideas and will share them on her website on a daily basis.  She has video, crafts, worksheets, you name it, it's just about there!!  Time got away from us, so we turned it into a textured type project.  The rainbow had cotton ball clouds.  The pot of gold was sprinkled with glitter to shine, and the rainbow, the pot, and the shamrock were all colored with crayons.

Also on Thursday, at school, Miya's class and the rest of the three year old classes had a St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Thursday night, we put names on Lakendra's eggs for her class Easter Egg Hunt.  (The teachers requested us to put names on the eggs for name recognition.  The kiddos have to find the eggs with only their names! This does extend the Easter Egg Hunt, and the children all get the same amount of eggs!)

Friday, thanks to Pinterest, again! We made the pretzel shamrocks.  The original post used pretzels, a candy kiss, and M&M's.  Laurie and I chose to just use Whipped Milk Chocolate Frosting instead, to keep this project "No Bake"! Now, mind you, the children (and us too!) had frosting in places you would never dream frosting would be or would you want it to be!  We had a kiddo decide to finger paint with his project.  Only ONE child didn't like this one! We sure have some pretty picky eaters too!!!

Once home from school and after dinner was done, facebook checked, some Pinterest searching, Kendra asked if we could finish up her "Planet Project".  It's due at school on the 20th, and that is approaching fast, I agreed to help her with my part.  Lakendra's Granddaddy Bennie, helped her get her sentences done explaining the planet, that she created.  I sat Kendra down with some birthday streamers and a white cheapy paper plate a while back to "create" a newly discovered planet!  BLOB was the lucky Planet's name and Blobbies were the life form on her planet! Kendra found some Bulletin Board cutouts that I had stashed for some reason or another, and asked if we could add it to the poster.  My job was try and actually fit everything that she wanted to use on the actual poster.  I didn't get to fit EVERYTHING she wanted, but she was okay with the finished project.  It's a wonderful feeling that our project is complete and we don't have to worry with it all weekend!!

Now, time to find our green and wear it proudly tomorrow, March 17th!!

Next week, we will start on our EASTER stuff!  We will have two weeks of Easter Crafts!

See you, hopefully next Friday!!
Sherry :)

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