Friday, March 9, 2012

Colors, March, and Birthday

I'm excited to say, that I am starting to enjoy this blogging experience!
I have actually been excited all week, for the weekend to get here, so I could post another!
It took me a bit to find HOW to post another blog, but, I'm in hopes I found it!  :)  (I actually think I did)
Just remember, I am learning, so excuse the typos, punctuation, and any other mistakes that you find.  :)
If you're looking for perfection, you're at the wrong blog!

This was a very exciting week for us at school! Well, for me anyhow!  :)  Thursday, March 8th, I turned
the ripe age of 48! Whoo hooo!  I am so proud of my age and my many accomplishments that I have
already made at this point in my life!  Being a Gramma is absolutely awesome! I have four precious Grandchildren.  Two of which are all grown up!  Samantha is 19, Jamie is 17, Lakendra is 6, and
JaMiya is 4!

Monday, the copy machine at work was down, so we didn't have a cool craft to post.

Tuesday, we made edible pretzel crayons. These were made with pretzel rods, whipped vanilla frosting, and some very cool "crayon labels" that were made by a wonderful friend of mine, Jason Brigham!  I was in hopes that he would be able to teach me how to make the labels, but instead, he surprised me with my very own.  SO, now, I baby my original and make copies each year.

Wednesday, we made the most awesome blue birds.  This is thanks to a former teacher that worked with us last year, Mrs. Lee Hobbs.  She brought in some small cardboard tubes that her husband came across and
donated them all to the school.  We saw a picture of this craft where they used marker tops.  We decided to paint the tubes and give them a try.  Our little kiddos absolutely loved them.  When showing them to an older group of kiddos, (they were discussing recycling) they wanted to make the blue birds too!

Thursday was definitely my special day!  It was my birthday!  We made cute little green birthday frogs! My class, kiddos and parents, are absolutely wonderful! I was adorned with all kinds of gifts, cards, hugs, and treasures!  Just an awesome day at work!!  I know I mentioned in my first post, that I would never post pictures of any of our kiddos from the classroom, only my own Grandchildren.  When talking to some of my moms in the class, without hesitation, they told me that I could definitely post pictures of their own children.  The little fellow in this picture is from our classroom!!  These little frogs were a HUGE hit! Everyone in the classroom LOVED them!!

Fridays are a little different.  On Fridays I have a different partner than through the week. Now, Laurie is awesome with the kiddos!  It's different, because, this year, it's considered a drop in day.  We combine some kiddos from mine and Melissa's class and some kiddos from Laurie and Jo's class. (They are younger twos. We are older twos.) On Fridays our craft is a little simpler to accommodate the different ages.  You're probably thinking.. they are all twos what's the difference??  Well, unless you have worked with two year olds, you truly might not understand!  It is amazing, at this age, the differences.  Most of mine and Melissa's kiddos have already turned 3!  Laurie and Jo's kiddos will all start having their 3rd birthdays this month.  We all agree that we all love our little kiddos and all are precious! We also let them know on a daily basis how proud we are of their many accomplishments.  The biggest at this age will be POTTY TRAINING!  Today, we just made a little March windsock!  Turned out quite cute!

Have a great weekend!  See you next week!!  :)

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