Saturday, March 10, 2012

Slushy Magic

I know it hasn't been a week yet!

Actually, we didn't even do this at school.  This was a home project!

The company of the product didn't pay me in any way to advertise.  I'm doing this
because IT WORKS! This product has amazed me and IT WORKS!  Did I mention that

I didn't order it off TV.  I purchased two of these at CVS in the As Seen On TV aisle.
I paid $14.99 each.  I was actually hoping it would work!!  I kinda did a little homework
and every thing I saw mentioned that it worked.

We tried orange juice first, Lakendra (and everyone else that had a spoon in hand) tasted it
and loved the orange juice slush.  Miya wanted a milk slushy, (nobody stood in line for a taste,
and at first she liked it, but quickly decided not) Next time, I may add a little vanilla flavoring for
more of a milk shake taste!  Before trying, we did allow the "magic ice cubes" to freeze a good
24 hours after washing them with warm soapy water!

I am requesting that you purchase one for each kiddo or order some extra  "magic ice cubes"!
If you just order the cubes, you won't have the "plastic shakey container" or the "special straw spoon!"
Which COULD possibly give reason for a "Disagreement" between kiddos!

I will try and contain myself from interrupting my weekly blog, but, SOMETIMES, ya just explode with excitement!!  :)

Have an awesome week!!!

Taken with flash! (Front of box)

Taken without flash! (Front of box)

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