Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Week 2

This week, gets a Saturday Post!

I can gladly walk you through the week, so you can see why!

We had a busy busy week this week at both school and home and today, I'm feeling it!  On a good note, we have no school next week, because of Spring Break! Personally, I'd rather to skip Spring Break and continue to be in the classroom.  I truly LOVE my job! On a realistic note, my body is telling me I need to rest a bit. My brain is telling me I need to some housework, some end of the year school planning, a visit to my mom (maybe half way!).  The brain just has a list that's longer than some kiddo's Christmas List to Santa because it's just non-stop!  At least, we know it's working!!  :)

This week, we started off the week with the Easter Baskets that we started on Friday and watercolored the some eggs to put inside.  This was a fun craft and turned out pretty cute!  The kids did an awesome job.  We have learned, if you do not cut out the items you want the children to color or paint, they cover more of the project. Melissa and I have truly become "expert" cutters! We also finished up the eggs for our Bulletin Board. They too, were watercolored, so we took care of two things while the paints were out!

After school on Monday, Miya, my youngest Granddaughter, had ball practice! I can honestly say, I skipped out on practice this time.  She had Mommy, Daddy, Granddaddy, and even her sister, Kendra.  I stayed home and found some COOL stuff for Earth Day!

For Tuesday, We made had the children paint some yellow chicks! We added a little Easter Poem, that I found from last year, and had a cute little craft!!

After school, we had to take a quick little trip to Costco, to return a Fisher Price batting tee and pitching set. (It was missing the hardware to put it together safely) While there, I had a few samples and Miya slept in the buggy as I made my way through the store.  Let me say, if you have not had Mango with Peach Salsa, oh my stars, you need to try it!! I would have never just walked over and bought this.  But the lady asked if I would sample it, and with a tiny hesitation, I did!  My taste buds went straight to Heaven!! I wanted to take all the lady's chips so she would have to go to the other side of the store for another sample!! I know, the easiest thing would have been to just ASK! Instead, I did the right thing, took one of her bags of chips and BOUGHT the salsa!! We came back home in time for Miya to get to her first Scrimmage game and for Bennie, my husband to go to work.

Now, Wednesday, I am sad to say, we didn't get to do a craft.  For this is the day our School Photographer decided to come and take individual and class photos.  This was the day that was scheduled for our class. The weather outside was just GORGEOUS! We decided the kiddos really needed the fresh air and got them out.  Wednesday is also our Music Day. We have the MOST AWESOME music teacher in the world,  Mrs. Tara!! Mrs. Tara has a children's band, and teaches many little kiddo music classes outside the classrooms.  Mrs. Tara and The Mud Puppy Band can certainly get the kids jumping and dancing in a skinny minute!! Should you ever get the chance to go to a concert, you really should. Oh yeah, and it helps if you have some little kids to go with you!

After school on Wednesday, I came up with a hair brained idea and decided we all needed a break at home to not have to think about anything! We loaded back up into the trusty van and we went to see "Chipwrecked"! It was a cute little Chipmunk movie. Miya fell asleep and Kendra really enjoyed it!! I love cute movies at the $1.99 movie theater!! After the movie and getting the kids in bed, I decided to make some cheeto carrots for Easter Bunny to hand out at our Egg Hunt, only to find out, I didn't have enough. Well, that was okay, I'd have something to give the kiddos on Friday! Not a problem!

Thursday, was yet, another busy day for our classroom, Kendra's classroom, and for even little Miya! We don't have a craft for Thursday, but we did have an awesome Easter Egg Hunt with a visit from none other than the EASTER BUNNY!!  Kendra and Miya had their pictures taken, along with class photos! Melissa was awesome enough to actually take the girls up to get their individual pictures taken.  I had the privilege in having a mom stay in the classroom as children arrived.  I can say, Spring Fever had definitely set in with some of my precious little boys!! While Melissa was gone, I realized Lakendra had forgotten her Easter Basket in our classroom. Melissa returned to say Lakendra was distraught about leaving her basket behind. I took the basket to her classroom, saving the day to a 6 year old!! By now, you can tell, Lakendra's class was also having an Easter Egg Hunt! I went back to the classroom to discover one of our mom's brought in a cooler with bottled waters and juice boxes for the Egg Hunt.  I borrowed a wagon and then loaded up two coolers,  (We had brought one filled with sunny delight for Lakendra's class!) and filled them with ice to make sure everything would be good and cold for our 85 degree weather day! One cooler was placed where they needed it for Kendra's class, and then our cooler was brought back to the classroom.  Sometimes, it's hard being a Gramma and a teacher, but, I have the best parents and they totally understand.  We then, took the kids outside to release some of that "spring fever"! We came inside to have our lunch and I had yet another hair brained idea!! The same mom that brought in the cooler for our classroom, volunteered so sweetly to put on the bunny costume and have pictures taken with our class. I was going to do this and really love doing so, but, I also like to take pictures and make sure everyone is having a good time and doing what they are suppose to do.  I was pulling out the costume and decided to show the children so they wouldn't be scared!!  When I got the costume on, (finally my hair brained idea) I decided to surprise the kindergarten class by showing up to their Easter Egg Hunt!  I can say, they were certainly surprised!! One to see the Easter Bunny and two for them to recognize me as Lakendra's Gramma!  Luckily for me, Lakendra was not embarrassed and gave me the biggest hug!! Then I decided to visit all the classrooms except the baby and toddler room, I didn't want to scare anyone. Almost the entire school was visited by Mrs. Sherry, the Easter Bunny! It was finally time for our Easter Egg Hunt.  Got the costume off and laid out for our precious mom, Jackie! After the Easter Egg Hunt, we enjoyed cookies from another precious mom, Brittany.  Juice boxes and water was provided by Jackie and Susan! A fabulous day indeed!

After school, Miya had yet another scrimmage ball game!

Friday, our mixture of Young Twos and Older Twos Classroom.  Laurie and I were right on top of it!  We made little chicks out of an egg shape. It had long little legs and handprint wings that moved. They definitely had PERSONALITY, once the children added their touches! We had an awesome day, and after school, I found the cheeto carrots! I FORGOT to send them home with the kiddos.  Sigh!!
After school we went to visit my Aunt and surprised her with none other than cheeto carrots!!  :)

Came home to run an errand and then head off to a 6pm birthday party at Putt-Putt.  We came home right about 9:30 last night and I think everyone in the house shortly crashed!!

Spring Break has officially begun.  No school for a week! Happy Easter to all!!

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