Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Week 1

Wow!! It's Friday again!  I love Fridays, but not because it's the weekend.  It's because, I have the opportunity of sharing another week at Preschool!! I honestly can't say enough, how much I LOVE my job!  Not many people have the opportunity to say, they get to play all day at their job!  Now, don't get me wrong, some days, I EARN my paycheck! I'd just not be telling the truth if I said that everything is just peachy!  But all the little hugs, kisses, treasures, (even nose boogies, because at least you get to choose to put those in a tissue and not find them on a wall!), and big 'ole smiles are so worth it all!  I have to be honest, if one of your little boys come up to you and give you one of their PRECIOUS acorns, you have accomplished something! Acorns are among the most prized treasure to a 2 and 3 year old!!  Awesome Parents fit in that mix as well.  We so appreciate all our Parents and what they do for us!  We have a TERRIFIC group of kiddos and parents this year!  I can't thank them all enough!!

This week, we started on our Easter Projects!  We are having a great time!!

On Monday: We made, footprint and handprint bunnies!  We just traced their shoe print, and traced along their four fingers, which were spread apart, and along their hand for the bunny head.  We added a little cotton ball tail.  The children added sticker eyes to give each one personality! Normally, when we do this, we add the song (not the whole song) "Peter Cottontail" but instead of using the name Peter, we change the name to the kiddo's name.  Now, this year, I am not sure where my head was because I totally FORGOT! My granddaughter, Lakendra was watching me upload pictures to the computer and SHE is the one that said, "Gramma, did you sing Peter Cottontail this year but with their names!" My mouth dropped wide and then I kicked myself for three days wondering why I and how I forgot!! If we had of remembered, it would have said, "Here come Lakendra Cottontail. Hopping down the bunny trail. Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!"

Also on Monday, we water-colored some eggs for our Bulletin Board. I didn't take a picture of it yet, because, we had a few kiddos out and it isn't finished.

Tuesday: Tuesday was a terrific day!  We painted an egg shape with a plastic coin filled (for weight) Easter Egg. It's the same concept as rubber ball or marble painting.  We placed the large egg shape in a deep plastic dish and watched the Easter Egg do it's magic as we shook the container back and forth.  We used some pastel colors, glued it down to a bright sheet of construction paper with the poem.  "This little egg as cute as can be Was painted with love from me. Using a plastic egg and pretty paint, Creating art so quaint.  Each little line and squiggle Was greeted with smiles and even a giggle. We hope you know what we're trying to say. Have a Happy Easter in every way!"

Wednesday: I half way hang my head.  Time almost slipped from us!  We went outside, enjoyed the fabulous weather! Then came in for lunch and got ready for our music class and then I remembered, we hadn't done our craft yet!! We looked through our trusty notebook and I found this little craft.  It was simple, quick to do, and we had something to take home.  Some of the children didn't really get the concept.   They wanted to see bunnies not tails and there was NO grass to boot.. Most smiled, but some looked at it and was actually trying to see the reality in it.

Thursday: This was a fun fun craft.  The kiddos LOVE it when we pull out the the bingo dabbers.  These were actually ordered from a school supply store. We picked out some of the brighter ones.  The chick hiding inside the egg is also egg shaped. Not sure if you can tell or not, but it has a  yellow feather sticking up on top of it's head.  We used a brad (paper fastener) to the egg at the crack, so it would open to reveal the chick.

Friday: We attempted two crafts today, but, didn't quite finish up on the second.  Time flies when you're having fun!  We painted their foot to make a little chick, using orange construction paper for the beaks and legs, and sticker eyes.  (Sticker eyes are awesome, and do not create the choking hazard like the wiggly googly ones.) You may notice quite a shine on this craft, we decided to laminate these for a keep sake.  We also colored an Easter Basket, we were going to fill it with water-colored eggs, but the storm held off that we were suppose to have and we went outside.  We have exactly one week to get this one finished.  Now, that wouldn't be a problem, but, if you remember, on Fridays we combine kiddos from the two 2 year old classes.  In order to get this done, we will have to keep up with our class through the week and pull in kiddos from the other class too! We have Faith, it will get done!!

See ya next week! May you all have the best of weekends and remember to count your Blessings,
they are all around you!!

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